Bids & RFPs

Department of Public Works Procurement Notices

Please see the list of current bids below. Note that there are four Divisions within the Department of Public Works. Look within the appropriate division for Information regarding the specific project. The bid notices will give further details about how to obtain plans and bid documents.

Public Facilities

PF 2022-01 On-Call Services for Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Trades General Bid date 10/7/2021

PF 2021-01 Library Renovation and Expansion Project General Bid date 7/12/21

PF 2021-02 Designer Services for HVAC Upgrades Bid date 6/30/2021

Engineering Division

ED 2022-05 Low-Pressure Sewer Force Main Installation on Concord Road Bid Date 10/13/22

ED 2022-10 Crack Sealing of Various Streets Bid Date 8/3/22

ED 2022-08 Resurfacing of Various Streets and Appurtenant Work Bid Date 6/30/22

ED 2022-09 Reconstruction of Various Streets Appurtenant Work Bid Date 6/16/22

ED 2021-12 Cullinane Drive Sewer Pump Station and Force Main Upgrades Bid date 5/18/22

ED 2022-07 Resurfacing of Various Streets and Appurtenant Work Bid date 4/14/22

ED 2022-03 Resurfacing of Ghiloni Park Recreational Path Bid Date 4/14/22

ED 2022-02 Reconstruction of Harrison Place and Appurtenant Work Bid date 4/14/22

ED 2022-01 Sewer Rehabilitation Project at Various Locations Bid date 3/3/22

ED 2021-08 Donald J. Lynch Blvd Improvements Bid date 8/20/21

ED 2021-11 Crack Sealing of Various Streets Bid date 7/29/21

ED 2021-06 Sudbury Street Area Sewer Project & Appurtenant Work Bid date 8/5/21

ED 2021-10 City-Wide Planimetric Mapping Services

ED 2021-04 Replacement of Lead Services Phase IV at Various Locations and Appurtenant Work

ED 2021-01 Reconstruction of a Portion of Lincoln Street and Appurtenant Work

ED 2021-03 Reconstruction of Various Streets and Appurtenant Work

ED 2021-05 Resurfacing Reconstruction of Various Streets

Street Division

OP RFR-01 - Stevens Park - Layout and Color Coat New Futsal Court Bid Date 5/5/22

OP 22DPW2 Catch Basin Cleaning Services Bid Date 4/7/22

OP 22DPW1 Roadway Milling, Patching and Repairs Bid Date 4/7/22

2020-2021 Winter Contractor Application

OP 2021-01 Traffic Signal and Control Device Repair and Maintenance Services


Water & Sewer Division

ED 2021-07 Standby Water Pump Station Web Notice