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About the Council

The legislative powers of the City are vested in the Marlborough City Council, which is comprised of eleven members, seven "Ward Councilors" individually elected from each of seven wards and from the qualified voters of each ward, and the remaining four "At-Large" members elected by and from the qualified voters of the entire city. One of its members is elected annually to serve as City Council President. City Councilors serve a two-year term of office, co-terminus with the Mayor who is the Chief Executive Officer of the City.


Under Marlborough’s Plan B Charter, the City Council is responsible for enacting laws, reviewing the annual operating budget, confirmation of mayoral appointments, and providing the necessary balance to the actions of the Executive branch of government. The City Council remains committed to providing a system of municipal government that recognizes the careful expenditure of tax dollars and the responsible enactment of reasonable laws.

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City Council Staff





Karen A. Boule

Council Secretary

(508) 460-3711

City Hall

City Councilors





Peter J. Juaire

At-Large Councilor

(508) 922-3056

296 Bigelow Street

Mark A. Oram

At-Large Councilor

(508) 485-0011

108 Upland Road

Michael H. Ossing

At-Large Councilor

(508) 481-6189

43 Varley Road

Kathleen D. Robey

At-Large Councilor

(508) 561-4898

97 Hudson Street

Joseph F. Delano, Jr.

Ward 1 Councilor

(508) 229-0124

10 Harper Circle

David Doucette

Ward 2 Councilor

(508) 624-9664

17 Arcadia Circle

J. Christian Dumais

Ward 3 Councilor

(781) 983-7901

134R South Street

Robert J. Tunnera

Ward 4 Councilor

(508) 414-0838

23 Sumner Street

John J. Irish

Ward 5 Councilor

(508) 229-2008

367 West Hill Road

Edward J. Clancy

Ward 6 Councilor

(508) 481-0411

106 Old Charter Road

Donald R. Landers, Sr.

Ward 7 Councilor

(508) 481-9749

84 Crosby Road