Department of Public Works

Our Promise to You:

The goal of the Department of Public Works is to provide outstanding public services for the citizens of Marlborough and our visitors while maintaining a superior infrastructure, guaranteeing a clean and safe environment, as well as sustaining a high quality of life.

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Our Responsibilities:

The Department of Public Works is tasked with providing multiple services to the residents of the City of Marlborough including the operation, care and maintenance of the city's; drinking water treatment and distribution systems, sewage collection and treatment systems, public roadways, roadway and off-road drainage systems, cemeteries, parks and recreation facilities, city-owned trees, solid waste and recyclables collection and disposal, snow and ice program, and the geographic information system (GIS). The Department is also responsible through its Engineering Office for capital project and subdivision design and construction oversight, administering the Department's road opening permit program and providing technical support to all municipal officials, boards and commissions.

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Staff Contacts





Commissioner of Public Works

(508) 624-6910 ext. 33300

Theodore Scott, P.E.

Commissioner of Operations

(508) 624-6910 ext. 33103

Thomas DiPersio, Jr., P.E., PLS

City Engineer Assistant

(508) 624-6910 ext. 33102

 Christopher S. LaFreniere

Assistant Commissioner of Utilities

(508) 624-6910 ext. 33200