Historical Commission

About Us

The Marlborough Historical Commission was established by the City Council on April 12, 1971 under Chapter 40, Section 8D of the General Laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. We are volunteer members interested in City-wide historic preservation, appointed by the Mayor and approved by the City Council.
The Historical Commission is a municipal advisory board helping the City inventory, catalog and preserve historical assets. We try to educate our citizenry on the wealth of historical value that has filtered down to us through our historic homes, structures, scenic roads, stone walls, monuments and other natural venues which have made Marlborough unique in New England’s long history.
We also cooperate closely with the State Archeologist and the Massachusetts Historical Commission in conducting research and other surveys for the purpose of protecting and preserving such places within Marlborough.
Our primary responsibility is to advise the Mayor’s office, the City Council, the Building Commissioner, and other economic development constituents on the nature of and preservation of Marlborough’s varied historic assets. Our approach has been to support preservation through education. Through outreach programs and presentations, we advise the public directly on preservation ordinances, techniques and resources to help maintain their personal stewardship, both large and small, of Marlborough’s history.
The Commission meets every third Thursday of the month in City Hall at 7PM. All meetings are open to the public.

Board Members



Brendan Downey


Sarah Hough


Adrian GilbertSecretary

Stefanie Ferrecchia 


Kathleen NewtonMember
Pamela WildermanMember