Auditor's Office

About the Auditor

The City Auditor is appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council for a three-year term.

The City Auditor’s Office is responsible for maintaining accurate financial records; preparing monthly financial statements for the City; preparing reports and providing financial data as required under Mass. General Law, GASB and UMAS relative to finance and accounting through out the year and for the end of the fiscal year, which must be submitted to the Department of Revenue, Division of Local Services, and the Independent Outside Auditing Firm.

The Auditor’s Office is also responsible for processing the warrants for the accounts payable and payrolls of all City Departments, including the School Department. The Auditor’s Office records all revenue received along with all grants, gifts and other special revenue funds received by the City. The Auditor’s Office works closely with the Treasurer’s Office, Collector’s Office, and Assessor’s Office.

Staff Contacts




Diane L. Smith

City Auditor

(508) 460-3774

Maria Rios

Finance Assistant

(508) 460-3774

Beverly J. Sleeper

Chief Procurement Officer

(508) 460-3707