Administrative Division

Department of Public Works

The Administrative staff of the Department of Public Works performs the important function of keeping the Public Works operational on a day-to-day basis.  Although not high visibility positions, each is absolutely necessary for the Public Works to function smoothly.

  • Administration/Engineering is responsible for maintaining correspondence records, directing incoming calls and assisting the public in obtaining needed information.
  • Finance controls the payment of invoices received through the daily operations.
  • Personnel/Payroll generates information needed to create worker paychecks, monitors employee time and maintains necessary records.

Staff Contacts




Theodore Scott, P.E.

Interim Commissioner of Public Works

(508) 624-6910 ext. 33100

Amy Edlemon

Administration and Finance

(508) 624-6910 ext. 33100

Eliza EchevarriaFinancial Analyst(508) 624-6910 ext. 33104

Katlyn LeBold


(508) 624-6910 ext. 33200