About Marlborough

"The Crossroads of New England"

Welcome to Marlborough, Massachusetts – the Crossroads of New England!

Centrally located near the intersection of Routes 495, 290, 20 and the Massachusetts Turnpike, Marlborough is a busy commercial and political center. 

Marlborough is a thriving community that still retains the tree-covered ridges and idyllic ponds from its early days as a Native American and Colonial settlement. In 2010, we proudly celebrated Marlborough's 350th anniversary.

Located a mere 30 minutes outside of Boston and at the crossroads of three major highways – the Massachusetts Turnpike and Routes 495 and 290 – Marlborough is home to some of the region’s most affordable housing, largest employers, and finest natural amenities, making it the ideal place to live, work and play.

Aggressively focused on economic development through the Marlborough Economic Development Corporation, Marlborough is home to many leading corporations in biotech, pharmaceutical, IT, medical device, financial services, and other specialized industries.

Marlborough was established in 1660, and later became a city in 1890. As population, business and travel grew in the colonies, Marlborough became a favorite stop on the Boston Post Road. Many travelers frequented inns and taverns including President George Washington, who visited the Williams Tavern in 1789.

In 1836, Samuel Boyd, known as the “father of the city” opened the city’s first shoe manufacturing business. By 1890 Marlborough was a major shoe manufacturing center, producing footwear for Union soldiers and local citizens, and continued that way into the 1970’s with the founding of Frye Boot Company and The Rockport Company. Manufacturing gave way to high technology and other specialized industries with the construction of major transportation routes, allowing easy access from all over New England.

The City is run by a Mayor-Council government. The Mayor is the chief executive officer of the city, and is responsible for overseeing all city departments as well as serving as Chair to the Marlborough School Committee. Primary to the duties of the Mayor’s office are setting the city’s annual budget and tax rate, as approved by the City Council. The Marlborough City Council serves as the legislative branch responsible for enacting laws, reviewing the annual operating budget, confirming mayoral appointments, and providing the necessary balance to the actions to the executive branch of government.

From charming old historic neighborhoods, centuries-old factories and churches converted into modern up-market condos and lofts, to quaint homes in countryside settings, luxury apartment complexes and multi-family units—Marlborough has housing options to suit every taste.  Home prices in the city are significantly below those on the outskirts of Boston, allowing local employees and their families to invest, without drowning in debt.

Marlborough residents also have access to leading primary and secondary schools, with the city leadership continuously working to improve the school system and provide an environment where all youth can achieve a foremost education.

Marlborough offers its residents a high-quality lifestyle and a wide variety of amenities, including the Solomon Pond Mall, restaurants, hotels, retail stores, sports and recreational facilities, green space, bike trails, beaches, ponds, and the 5.6 mile Assabet River Rail Trail.  From upscale eateries, to casual coffee shops, the city also boasts more than 100 dining establishments, serving an array of cuisines.