Inspectional Services

Mission Statement

The Office of Inspectional Services provides assistance to individuals and contractors wishing to do construction in the City of Marlborough. The Office also serves to enforce regulations of the City’s zoning ordinance, sign ordinance, fence ordinance, and Massachusetts state building code.

Permit Applicants

Both commercial and residential permit applicants are required to provide TWO hard paper copies of the full set of drawings and completed permit application, AND a computer disk or USB flash drive that contains an electronic copy of the full set of drawings AND completed permit application.

Email the Building Department.

Staff Contacts




Tin HtwayBuilding Commissioner(508) 460-3776

Patrick Dahlgren

Assistant Building Commissioner

(508) 460-3776

William PayntonLocal Inspector(508) 460-3776

Pamela A. Wilderman

Code Enforcement Officer

(508) 460-3776

Ethan Lippitt

Code Enforcement Officer

(508) 460-3776

John CainWiring Inspector(508) 460-3776
Larry LemieuxPlumbing / Gas Inspector(508) 460-3776
 Customer Service / Building Department Secretary(508) 460-3776

Iliana Cabrera-Serano

Customer Service / Building Department Secretary