Mayor's Office

About the Office

Mayor Arthur Vigeant is a lifelong Marlborough resident. He was first elected as mayor in 2011 and is now serving his fourth term. The Mayor is the Chief Executive Officer of the City of Marlborough. Elected every two years, the Mayor is responsible for the daily operation of city government and entrusted to act in its best interests. In addition, the Mayor also serves as the Chairman of the Marlborough School Committee.


The Mayor oversees and manages city department heads and agencies, ensures that the city charter, state laws, local ordinances and other orders for the government of the City are enforced, prepares and manages the city's budget, makes recommendations to the City Council on all matters of public policy, and, with the approval of the City Council, appoints city officials, department heads, and members of boards and committees with the exception of any offices or personnel who serve under the City Council or School Department.

Staff Contacts




Arthur G. Vigeant


(508) 460-3770

Nicholas Milano

Executive Aide

(508) 460-3770

Patricia Bernard

Executive Secretary

(508) 460-3770