Public Housing Authority

About Us

The Marlborough Community Development Authority (MCDA) is governed by a nine member board that oversees community development and affordable housing in the City of Marlborough. The Housing Division of the MCDA administers the following programs:

  • Senior Housing: Three developments with 233 units.13.5% of the units are reserved for non-elderly disabled. These units are funded and regulated by the Massachusetts Department of Housing & Community Development (DHCD).
  • HUD Section 8: The MCDA administers 128 U.S. Department of Housing & Community Development Section 8 potable vouchers.
  • Massachusetts Vouchers: The MCDA administers AHVP and DMP vouchers as they are made available.
  • Special Needs Housing: The Housing Division owns a property for disabled individuals, managed by the Advocates. This is a DHCD 689 program.

Staff Contacts




Douglas Bushman


(508) 624-6908 ext. 40101

Vonnie Morris

Director, Operations & Vouchers

(508) 624-6908 ext. 40108

Jean Bernard

Lease Coordinator

(508) 624-6908 ext. 40103

Andrew Skoog

Program Manager

(508) 624-6908 ext. 40107

Chad Carter

Director, Finance & Administration

(508) 624-6908 ext. 40109

Maria Torres


(508) 624-6908 ext. 40111