The Grove Conservation Land

Ft. Meadow Reservoir

Welcome to "The Grove"

The Grove is the perfect place for all different kinds of activities! This parcel has a combination of wooded area, water access to Ft. Meadow Reservoir and an open field. You can go for a stroll through the walking trails and sit on a bench to listen to the sounds around you. Take the family for a picnic by the water; the field is a great place for a game of catch or just relaxing and enjoying your surroundings. If you like to fish or canoe, there are plenty of places to sit and fish next to the water and a canoe access to enjoy the conservation land from a different perspective. The Grove is full of wildlife, the most impressive being the great blue heron. If you are lucky you will catch a glimpse of this enormous bird! The Grove is a fun place to be and has many features to keep you coming back!

Unfortunately swimming at the Grove is NOT permitted because the water is not tested here and the lake bottom is not cleaned or monitored. Memorial beach across the lake is a fun and safe place to swim!

There is canoe access at this site, however, motorized vehicles such as boats with engines and jet skis MAY NOT be launched from the canoe access point.

Trail Map: The Grove Conservation Land Trail Map

Recreational Opportunities: Hiking, walking trails, canoeing, kayaking, picnicking, cross-country skiing, and fishing.

Hours: Dawn to dusk.

Prohibited Activities: Hunting, motorized vehicles, fires, littering, cutting or removing of trees or plants, camping, and swimming.

Directions: Coming from Marlborough, get onto rt. 85 West (Bolton St). You will pass the Piccadilly Pub on your Right and go over a section of road with water on both sides. Just after this section of road, when the water ends, the parking area is directly to your right. (If you pass Wal-mart on your right you have gone too far).

Coming from the end of I-290 in Hudson, take a right off of the 290 ramp at the "99" restaurant onto rt. 85 East. Go straight on this road until you come to Wal-mart on your left then the entrance to Assabett Regional High School a little farther up on the right. The entrance to the Grove parking lot is on your left as the road curves to the left, so you need to keep your eyes open for it. (If you go over the section of rt. 85 that has water on both sides you just passed the parking area).

Ft. Meadow Reservoir: Stormwater PollutionInvasive Non-Native Plants