Open Space Plan

Open Space Plan

The City is in the process of updating the Open Space and Recreation Plan and hope to have a draft by Fall 2022 for the public to review and comment....stay tuned.The updates will include many of the recommendations made in the 2011-2018 plan (see below) and more.... 

The City's Open Space and Recreation Plan Committee is pleased to present the Open Space and Recreation Plan 2011-2018 document.

Marlborough’s geographic location and solid infrastructure combine with its areas of open space and natural resources creates a community with lots of resources to make it a great place to live, work and play. This open space plan identifies the community's natural, recreational and cultural resources and determines what steps the city must take to preserve and maintain these important community resources over the next years. It also looks into the future to determine what resources will be needed to help maintain the quality of life that is enjoyed today.

The primary goals, as noted in section eight of this Open Space and Recreation Plan, are to preserve the unique natural resources and character of the city, to educate citizens about the benefits of these resources and to provide adequate recreational opportunities for the community. This Open Space and Recreation plan provides the inventory, history, needs analysis and action plan to implement these goals over the next seven years.

Hard copies of the Open Space and Recreation Plan are available at the Marlborough Public Library, as well as Conservation Commission Office.