Fee Schedule

Construction Costs

Construction costs for all new buildings and structures will be determined from values as listed in the Building Valuation Data Report, published by Marshall and Swift Publication Company, Los Angeles, California.

Permits Fees

Permit holders retain rights granted under the permit therefore no permits are transferable. For all permits (building, gas, plumbing or wiring) there will be a charge of fifty dollars ($50.00) for every re-inspection necessitated by faulty or illegal installation or not in conformance with requirements of Massachusetts codes. The fee shall be made before any re-inspection is scheduled. Any work started before applying for and obtaining a permit in violation of state code, will be charged two (2) times the permit fee.

New BuildingsFeeMinimum

$10.00 per thousand of contract cost

Commercial$10.00 per thousand of contract cost$150.00 
Accessory Building

$10.00 per thousand of contract cost

Building Additions/AlterationsFeeMinimum
Residential                                                           $10.00 per thousand of contract cost  $25.00                   
Commercial$10.00 per thousand of contract cost$50.00
Miscellaneous Building ItemsFixed Fee
Demolition (Residential)$100.00                                                                                      
Demolition (Commercial)$250.00
Wood/Coal Stoves; Fireplaces$25.00
Pools (Above Ground)$25.00
Pools (In Ground)$40.00


Siding/Re-Roof (Residential)$20.00
Occupancy Application to Occupy Existing Space$50.00
Gas (Residential)Fee
New Construction: Single/Two-Family Residence$100.00                                                                                     
New Construction: 3+ Units$65.00 per unit
Appliance Replacement/Addition (1 or 2)$25.00
Each Additional Appliance

$10.00 per appliance

Gas (Commercial & Industrial)Fee
New Building$50.00; plus $10.00 per thousand of contract cost      
Appliance Replacement/Addition$50.00; plus $5.00 for each appliance
Propane Gas Service Installation$25.00
Propane Appliance Replacement/Addition$15.00
Plumbing (Residential)Fee
Single/Two-Family Residence (New)$100.00                                                             
3+ Units$65.00 per unit
Alterations (New/Replacements)$20.00; plus $5.00 per fixture
Trailer Water/Sewer$25.00
Plumbing (Commercial & Industrial)Fee
New Construction                                  $50.00; plus $10.00 per thousand of contract cost
Alterations/Replacements  $50.00; plus $5.00 per fixture
Backflow Preventors$25.00 each
Wiring (Residential)Fee
New House Construction$100.00                                                                                                                        
New House Construction with Electric Heat$125.00
Service Change$25.00
Oil or Gas Burner


Appliances (up to 2)$25.00
0-10 Outlets (Switches, Plugs, Thermostat Lights, Electric Heaters)$25.00
Each Additional 10 Outlets$25.00
Swimming Pools$35.00
Signs & Billboards$25.00
Temporary Wiring$15.00
Fire Alarm/Low Voltage Wiring$20.00
Wiring (Commercial & Industrial)Fee                                          
New Construction/Addition$50.00 plus $10.00 per thousand of contract cost                             
Replacement Equipment (Refrigerator, Water Heater)$25.00 per fixture
New Service (Service Change, New Meter)

$40.00 each

Temporary Service$50.00