Energy Code Regulations

Notice for Contractors

Massachusetts State Building Code 780 CMR 61.00 — Part IV — Energy Conservation

Energy Code Notice

Effective July 1, 2010, the energy code provisions of the Massachusetts State Building Code have been modified to create a greater energy efficiency requirement for residential and commercial structures. Please refer to the Massachusetts State Building Code (780 CMR, seventh edition) section 61.00 for initial front end requirements and the International Energy Conservation Code, 2009 edition (IECC-09). This notice is NOT to be considered a substitution for the entire code but provides some guidance of the key points as noted below. All residential requirements are contained in Chapter 4 of IECC-09. All residential structures above 3 stories in height and all commercial requirements are contained in Chapter 5 of IECC-09.

Residential Requirements

  • Applicable work includes new construction, residential additions, alterations, renovations and repairs (see 101.4.3 for complete details and 8 “need not comply” exceptions).
  • Visible R-value markers are required in all attic areas insulated with blown in insulation (303.1.1.1).
  • Exterior rigid insulation must be protected from degradation (303.2.1).
  • Maintenance instructions must be provided and maintained on site for equipment and systems that require preventive maintenance (303.3).
  • A permanent Certificate, completed by the builder or design professional shall be provided and posted at the main power panel. The certificate shall among other things, indicated predominant R and fenestration U values, and mechanical equipment efficiencies (401.3).
  • Table 402.1.1 , zone 5, shows the updated INSULATION AND FENESTRATION REQUIREMENTS BY COMPONENT.
  • Attic hatches and doors must be weatherstripped and insulated equivalent to the surrounding R-values (402.2.3).
  • Air leakage provisions are more stringent and must be strictly followed. Compliance is achieved either through the Testing option (402.4.2.1) or visual field inspection option (402.2.2) as determined at the time of permit issuance.
  • Wood burning fireplaces must have gasketed doors and outside combustion air (402.4.3).
  • Programmable thermostats are required on forced air furnace heating systems (403.1.1).
  • All circulating hot water heating systems must be insulated to R-2 (403.4).
  • Pool heaters, covers and equipment are regulated by section 403.9.