Funding Acknowledgement

Operations & Procedures

Please read the following section of Massachusetts General Law 962 CMR 2:00:

"Each local council must keep all funds (state funds from the MCC interest earned and locally raised funds) in the LCC's municipal account. The LCC's municipal account must be a revolving account kept separate and apart from all other monies administered by the city or town treasurer as specified by M.G.L. c. 10, § 58. Councils are entitled to interest on their municipal account and to regular financial reports from the municipality. The funds may be spent as the local council directs, but may be accessed only through the process used by the community's treasurer and/or accountant's office for the expenditure of public funds. Separate checkbooks or non-municipal accounts are not permissible..."


In all published/printed materials and announcements regarding the activity or programs supported by Cultural Council funds, the sponsoring group or individual must acknowledge such assistance with the following statement:

"This program is supported in part by the Marlborough Cultural Council, a local agency supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council."