Felton Conservation Land

Welcome to "Felton"

The Felton Conservation Land is a diverse property that consists of open fields and quiet woodlands. In the southern part of the property, there is a small Red Maple Swamp. The fields in this parcel provide grassland habitat for many species including nesting birds, small mammals such as mice and larger mammals such as white tailed deer. Some grassland birds that may inhabit the fields include Eastern Meadowlarks, Bobolinks and Savannah Sparrows. The open area also serves as an important hunting site for birds of prey including owls and hawks as they search the site for small mammals. The mice and voles create elaborate tunnel systems within the protection of the grasses. The White-tailed deer graze on the herbaceous vegetation that grows on the border of the field and forest; they also use the grass as bedding sites.

This land used to be part of a large farm that was owned by the Felton family, after whom the land is named. The city acquired the parcel as conservation land to be kept for agricultural and recreational use.  Grasslands are currently a declining habitat in our area, since over the past hundred years there has been a decrease in agricultural use of land. Many open fields are now either being developed or reverting back into forest reducing grasslands in our landscape.

Trail Map: Felton Conservation Land Trail Map

Recreational Opportunities: Hiking, walking trail, cross-country skiing, picnicking, and bird watching.

Hours: Dawn to dusk.

Prohibited Activities: Hunting, motorized vehicles, fires, littering, cutting or removing of trees or plants, camping, and swimming.

Directions: Heading west on Elm Street, pass through the intersection of Dudley St., continue down the hill about a half mile, until you see the Felton Conservation Land sign beside a gravel parking area on the left.