Site Plan Review Procedures

Applications for site plan approval must conform to the requirements of Chapter 270-2 of the Marlborough City Code.  A complete application includes the appropriate attached form, required plans and other information identified in the Code.  Applicants are required to consult with the Building Commissioner/Planner to confirm that the proposed project will conform to the City of Marlborough’s Zoning (Section 650) prior to submitting an informal or formal application. 

All scheduling for Site Plan is done through the Conservation Department located in Marlborough City Hall, Lower Level.  Please contact the secretary at 508-460-3768.  Meetings are held on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month at 9:00 AM at City Hall.

Non-residential and major residential projects require Site Plan Review per Section 270-2 of the City of Marlborough General Code.

Preliminary/Informal -  Site Plan meeting - (NO FILING FEE)  - The purpose of this meeting is to provide guidance only.  No determinations are made at this meeting.  Requests for a Preliminary/Informal can only be heard once the application for a Preliminary/Informal meeting has been first filed through the Conservation Department, at least one week prior to the next regularly scheduled meeting.  Please fill out the form.

Formal – Site Plan Meeting - Six (6) sets of plans, a completed application, any proof of any approved Special Permit/Variance/or any other similar type of relief and the appropriate filing fee shall be filed with the Conservation Department at least 1 week prior to the next regularly scheduled meeting.  This office will distribute to the proper departments.  

If applicable, two (2) copies of the drainage report and one (1) copy of the traffic study will also be submitted with the completed application.

Once the plan(s), the completed application with proof that the notice of meeting has been published in the newspaper and the fee have been submitted to the Conservation Department, you will be placed on the next available agenda to be heard by the Site Plan Committee.

Once the Site Plan Committee has approved and signed the plan(s), 4 paper copies and 5 CD’s of the approved signed plan will be submitted to the Conservation Department.   This office will distribute the plans and CD’s to the proper department.

Please call if you have any questions (508-460-3768).