Memorial Beach


Memorial Beach

The World War II Memorial Beach

 Opens on: Friday, June 26th

 Public Swimming Hours: 11am-6:45pm (7 Days a Week / Parking Lots open 10:30am)

(Bathrooms close at 6:30pm / Parking Lot 7pm) 

The water at the beach is tested weekly.

MARLBOROUGH RESIDENTS ONLY: (Must show driver’s license and car registration showing the same City of Marlborough address to parking lot attendant 

Please Note: Beach visitors are asked to set up at least 12 feet apart from other groups on their towels, limit groups to no more than 10 people; wear face coverings or masks when unable to maintain a 6’ distance from others including restrooms. When swimming, masks are not necessary but should maintain 6ft distance between people not from the same household.

We are asking beach patrons to abide by the social distance guidelines above as it's not the responsibility of city staff or lifeguards to enforce social distancing or the wearing of masks and face coverings.

Memorial Beach Rules and Regulations

No Alcohol, Tobacco products, or Drugs are allowed anywhere on public property                                   

No glass bottles are permitted on the beach or in the water.

No pets are allowed per order of the Health Department 

All Swimming Aids must be Coastguard Certified.

Facemasks that cover the nose are prohibited along with snorkels, fins, and inflatable toys.  Goggles are allowed.

No Boat Drop Off is allowed at Memorial Beach.

No picking up or dropping off swimmers in the Handicap Parking Lot.

Swimming is only allowed in the roped off area.

Children 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult.

Contained fires are permitted in the picnic area and ONLY in the grills provided. No outside grills allowed.

No regular diapers in the water. Only Swim Diapers are allowed.

The Recreation Department highly recommends the use of water shoes.

Group Policy:

Groups of 10 or more must have prior permission from the Marlborough Recreation Department at least two weeks before visiting Memorial Beach and the city wading pools. You must be a Marlborough Resident or a Marlborough Organization. Fees may be applied for additional lifeguards.

Lifeguards Signals:

1 Whistle:  Stop what you are doing, look at the Lifeguard, and follow his/her directions.

Repeated long blasts or one air horn blast:  Clear the water!

Please Note:

It is the responsibility of the Lifeguards to protect the patrons of Memorial Beach. The Lifeguard has the authority to eject anyone who is uncooperative.

For Map and Directions to Memorial Beach Click Here