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Massachusetts Procurement Laws

The MCDA’s operates both federal and Massachusetts housing and community development programs. Federal programs will follow federal procurement laws and regulations and therefore Massachusetts programs will follow Massachusetts procurement stipulations. Due to the fact that the largest program operated by the MCDA is state public housing most contracting opportunities follow Massachusetts procurement guidelines.

Vendor Debarment, & Disqualification

The MCDA will not enter into contracts with businesses with firms that are debarred from doing business with the Federal government or the Commonwealth of Massachusetts or the City of Marlborough. Businesses must also be current with their local property taxes with the City of Marlborough if they are a local firm.

Vendor Payment Process

The MCDA pays vendors once a month. The staff of the MCDA cannot sign checks. Please review this criteria for some business may not want to enter into contracts with these restrictions.

How to Do Business with the MCDA

We encourage all vendors to contact us regardless if there is an open bid. We want to meet with all vendors to discuss how they can meet our goals and needs.

Step One: Complete MCDA Vendor Check List

We encourage all vendors to read and submit the MCDA Vendor Checklist form. This checklist contains contact information of the vendor and what type of products and/or services they offer. It also covers the MCDA’s requirements for vendors. Once this form is returned to us we will then enter them into our software system. Businesses must also complete and submit IRS W-9 as part of the Vendor Checklist form.

Step Two: Check for Bids and Procurement Opportunities

We encourage all firms to register with the Massachusetts COMBUYS program. Firms should also check the Massachusetts Central Registry and local newspapers for contracting opportunities.

Marlborough Business Outreach

On an annual basis, the MCDA along with the City of Marlborough in cooperation with the Marlborough Chamber of Commerce conducts a seminar to assist local business that want to sell their products and services to the public sector. While the MCDA cannot per procurement laws and regulations give a preference to local business we can calculate in the bid process how quickly the service and/or product can be delivered. The MCDA provides housing to over five hundred seniors, families, children and disabled individuals. There are instances when time is a critical factor in the delivery of services and products.

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