Senior Public Housing

The MCDA owns and manages three housing communities totaling 233 units of which (32 units) are reserved for non-elderly disabled per the regulations set forth by the Massachusetts Department of Housing & Urban Development(DHCD). The three housing communities are part of the 667 Massachusetts State senior public housing program as regulated and funded by DHCD.

The MCDA enforces a preference for those individuals that work and live in the City of Marlborough, MA. A CORI check is administered to all everyone seeking housing. There are also income guidelines and rent is set at 33% of the tenants NET income after allowable deductions.

Once an applicant has applied they will be put on a waiting list and their names will be contacted when they reach the top of the list. It could take anywhere from one to three years to be contacted.

The MCDA in partnership with BayPath Elder Services operates an Elderly Supportive Housing Program to assist seniors to age in place.