Recycle for Gold

As you are well aware, the benefits of recycling in your community are limitless. The sale of recycled goods provides your City or Town with precious funds and also helps to protect the environment. However, there are many items that a city or town is unable to recycle for its citizens. One such item is cars or trucks.

Special Olympics Massachusetts' Recycle for Gold program allows your citizens to recycle their unused vehicles for a good cause. The Recycle for Gold programs helps fund year-round sports training and competition for athletes in your geographic area. Not only do the athletes benefit, but donors may also be eligible for a valuable tax deduction!

At Special Olympics Massachusetts, we feel working together with Government Officials in each City and Town in our State is integral in making the program a huge success. As summer has come to an end and fall cleanups are upon us, we urge you to inform your citizens of this program. Post it on your community web page or include it in a newsletter. Read aloud at a Council Meeting or declare "Recycle for Gold Month". By urging your community to support Recycle for Gold, you will play a part in providing countless opportunities for Special Olympics athletes as well as cleaning up the environment in the City or Town where you reside.

For more information, please visit the Recycle For Gold website page. There are two convenient ways to donate a vehicle — via the website or by calling 1-800-590-1600.  Visit the the Special Olympics Massachusetts website for additional details.

Ryan Vigue
Recycle For Gold
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