Department of Public Works

Mission Statement

The Marlborough Department of Public Works is tasked with providing residents of Marlborough with solid waste collection, through the curb-side collection program and resident drop-off facility, and disposal at the WeCare Environmental LLC co-composting facility.  The Department also provides recycling services through curb-side collection and at the resident drop-off facility.  The Department is charged with promoting and increasing the recycling rate in order to reduce disposal costs.  Recycling disposal is free (incorporated into the collection contract) and it is estimated that every 5% increase in the recycling rate reduces our solid waste disposal costs by $75,000 per year.

Reminder to Residents: Solid Waste Collection is EVERY Tuesday, Recycling collection is every OTHER Tuesday.

For answers to your rubbish/recycling and resident drop-off facility questions, please call (508) 624-6910 ext. 33300.

Staff Contacts





Public Works Dispatch

(508) 624-6910