How can I contract with the City?

Advertising is per statutory requirements consisting of: Goods and Services Bulletin or the Central Register depending upon procurement law and dollar value of the contract. Newspaper - Most notices are published in the Metro West Daily given the municipal discount advantage not less than 14 days prior to receipt of bids or proposals. City Clerk’s Bulletin board or Department Bulletin Board for DPW public works construction projects; MCDA-HA and MCDA. Optional: City’s website – Procurement Office or Departments.

Read the entire procurement package: You will not to make note of such things including, but not limited to, mandatory or special requirements such as: when DCAM certification is required (refer to Procurement Chart c.149), when MassDOT certification is required (refer to Procurement Chart c.30, 39M), performance and payment bond requirements (contract amounts $25,000 & above), insurance requirements as recommended by the City’s insurer for type of procurement, prevailing wage rates determined by the Commonwealth’s Department of Labor, Division of Occupational Safety (public construction projects and some maintenance projects affecting public buildings or land), submission of questions during the Question & Answer time period specified.

Note the Procurement Schedule: Every procurement process includes a time-table related to the procurement process being conducted. Bidders should ensure that they are aware of and meet any applicable due date requirements for submission of a quote, bid or proposal.

Attend the Bidder’s Conference/Meeting, if offered: Opportunity to hear an overview of the procurement, better understand what is being purchased or the required services and to clarify potential bidder’s questions. No matter whether you think the question is important or not, it should be asked. Generally, attendance is not mandatory but is strongly recommended.

Submit Questions: Most City procurements provide for a period during which questions can be submitted in writing about the procurement. These questions are answered and provided to all bidders on record as having received the procurement package.

Comply with Instructions: Be sure that your submission is packaged in the manner set forth in the procurement requirements. If prevailing wage rates are required, the City must obtain them and provide them to prospective bidders for the project.

Submit a Responsive Bid: Be sure that you have signed the quote, bid or proposal being submitted, provided all required bid deposits (if any), forms and/or certifications and do not deviate from the terms and conditions. Any exceptions should be raise during the Q&A period to allow the City to determine whether or not it will waive or amend any requirements specified by the procurement package.

Do Not Be Late: Late submission will be rejected and not accepted. Be sure to note all deadlines critical to bidders and the address of where to submit a quote, bid or proposal.