Fun Websites for Kids


ABCya! — Fun games site for grades K-5 that has lots of learning choices.

Author Websites — Lots of authors have websites just for kids! Some of our favorites are Beverly ClearyEric Carle, and Laura Numeroff.

Crayola — Scroll past the items on sale to see artistic videos, project ideas, coloring pages, and even lesson plans for art classes! There’s also a gallery of kids’ artwork.

Disney Junior — Games, videos and activities from Disney! There’s also a link to listen to Radio Disney.

FunBrain — Whoever thought learning math could be so much fun? Test your math skills with these fun and interesting games. Includes some teacher and parenting resources. 

Highlights Kids — Similar to the Highlights magazine, this site offers fun stories, “Hidden Pictures” “Games and Giggles” science articles, and jokes. In addition, there is a daily update on “what happened in history on this date.

Interland — Embark on an adventure to discover the world of the Internet.

Kids Games — Traditional offline games that will cure boredom!

Mister Rogers — Games, coloring pages, videos, and songs! There is also a page for “Neighbors of All Ages,” where older fans can learn more about the man behind the sweater.

NASA Kids’ Club — Learn about science and space, play games, and find answers to tricky questions like, what causes seasons, anyway? You also get to see pictures from the International Space Station and get to know the people who are in space right now.

NGAkids Art Zone — Learn about art and create your own in a variety of styles.

National Geographic Kids — Photos, games, quizzes, challenges, stories, videos, and live animal cams.

National Park Service Kids — Be a junior ranger, explore the parks with the Sesame Street gang, discover history, and explore nature.

National Wildlife Federation Kids: Ranger Rick Jr. — Ranger Rick has plenty of animal fun, including articles, games, and Ricky’s mail box. There are also recipes, craft ideas, songs, and contests! 

NetSmartz Kids — Learn about safety online, watch videos, and complete activities. Special websites for kids, tweens, teens, parents, and teachers.

PBS Kids — The official website for the Public Broadcasting Station. Games, shows, and more! (Parents might also enjoy the PBS Kids Parent Website for craft ideas, birthday party themes, recipes, and other parenting tools.)

Play Kids Games — So many games in so many categories! Don’t tell the kids they’re educational, and they’ll never know.

San Diego Zoo Kids — Watch live animal cameras, play games, find fun activities to try at home, and learn about cool jobs working at the zoo!

San Francisco Symphony Kids — Fun and games with music! Learn about different instruments, composers, and songs, and then try writing your own!

Scholastic Kids — Games, blogs, and activities that connect with popular Scholastic series.

Sesame Street Central — Games, videos, and helpful information from the Sesame Street gang! Includes printable images and tips on helping kids learn new skills (like potty training).

Smithsonian Institution Kids — Interested in science, history, and discovery? The Smithsonian Institution has it all! Don’t miss the live animal cams: you can watch the animals at the National Zoo right from your own home!

Sports Illustrated Kids — Watch videos, play games, and read articles all about sports!

Not finding what you’re looking for? Check out the American Library Associations picks for Great Websites for Kids! Let us know if you have a favorite, and we can add it to this page.