Teen Zen Zone

Spring 2020
Teen Zen Zone

Every Monday while the library is closed, we're posting a soothing zen resource to help you take a break and take care of your mental health. 

May 4: Take a dreamy journey through space or visit the cozy Ewok Village at night in these relaxing ambient environment videos.

April 27: Have you ever wished you could study in the Gryffindor Common Room or watch the sunrise in the Shire? Search "ambient environments"  or "ASMR rooms" on YouTube and find the perfect background noise to help you study, read, fall asleep, or just zone out. We love Hagrid's HutSunrise at Hogwarts, and Kokiri's Greenhouse, and the Hogwarts library

April 20: National Geographic has online jigsaw puzzles and "Moment of Aww" photo galleries to take your mind off of things and pass some time. 

April 13: When you open the free app Stop, Breathe, & Think, a 10-second timer pops up to make you stop and breathe. Then you pick 5 words that describe how you feel: bored, frustrated, lazy, helpless, neutral, thrilled, or anything in between. Based on your answers, the app will suggest short, helpful meditations. You can even choose the voice of your meditation coach. Give it a try!

April 6: There are lots of great meditation videos on YouTube, but have you considered watching sea otters frolic as a form of meditation? What about hypnotic, drifting jellyfish? When your brain needs a break, check out Monterey Bay Aquarium's Livecams. Just relax, breathe, and stare.