Conversation Circles

Circulos gratis Conversacion de Ingles / Gratis Circulos Conversa em Ingles

Aside from Mango, Marlborough Public Library offers free English Conversation Circles, no testing or registration needed — just show up! All participants are encouraged to speak and practice English. We’ll talk about current events, your interests, food, restaurants and what’s happening in Marlborough.

Bring a photo ID and proof of current address to register for a free library card. With a library card, you can use Mango, and borrow ESL materials to practice your English at home. We also have a growing collection of Spanish and Portuguese books and movies.

Please contact Lori Berkey at (508) 624-6900 or at [email protected] with further questions about language resources.

Free English Conversation Circles
All Levels

Classes are held throughout the week.  Please check our calendar for upcoming classes. No Registration Required

Círculos Gratis Conversación de Ingles
Todos los liveles

Las clases se llevan a cabo durante toda la semana. Por favor, consulte nuestro calendario para las próximas clases. No es necesario Registrarse

Grátis Circulos Conversa em Ingles
Todos os liveis

As aulas são realizadas durante a semana. Por favor, verifique nosso calendário para as próximas aulas. Sem necessidade de registro