Science Book Club

Read a book in a topic in science, and then discuss topics ranging from animal psychology to zoonotic diseases. This book club is open to ages 18 and older, and all levels of scientific knowledge; come to learn something new or to share your expertise! Copies of each month's book and a list of the books for this year are available at the reference desk.


What We're Reading

Big Ones by Lucile JonesSapiens by Yuval HarariDisappearing spoon by Sam KeanWe have no idea by Jorge Cham
Wasp that brainwashed the caterpillar by Matt SimonThrough the language glass by Guy DeutscherThe ends of the world by Peter BrannenHow to invent everything by Ryan North
Spying on whales by Nick PyensonCannibalism by Bill SchuttScatter adapt remember by Annalee NewitzThe order of time by Carlo Rovelli


2020 Booklist and Dates

January 27
Big ones: how natural disasters have shaped us (and what we can do about them) by Lucile Jones

February 24
Sapiens: a brief history of humankind by Yuval Harari

March 30
The disappearing spoon: and other true tales of madness, love, and the history of the world from the periodic table of the elements by Sam Kean

April 27
We have no idea: a guide to the unknown universe by Jorge Cham

June 1
The wasp that brainwashed the caterpillar: evolution's most unbelievable solutions to life's biggest problems by Matt Simon

June 29
Through the language glass: why the world looks different in other languages by Guy Deutscher

July 27
The ends of the world: volcanic apocalypses, lethal oceans, and our quest to understand Earth's past mass extinctions by Peter Brannen

August 31
How to invent everything: a survival guide for the stranded time traveler by Ryan North

September 28
Spying on whales: the past, present, and future of Earth's most awesome creatures by Nick Pyenson

October 26
Cannibalism: a perfectly natural history by Bill Schutt

November 30
Scatter, adapt, and remember: how humans will survive a mass extinction

December 28
The order of time by Carlo Rovelli