Child Safety Policy

The Marlborough Public Library welcomes children of all ages and strives to create a warm, inviting learning environment. The Library offers many programs and services that encourage children to develop a love of books and reading. However, the Library is a public building, and the well-being of young children left alone at the Library is a serious concern. Young children are not safe when left unattended in a library or any other public place. In addition, children left alone for long periods of time can become bored, frightened or disruptive. The responsibility for children using the Library rests with the child’s parent/guardian or a designated caregiver. The safety and well-being of every child is very important and to ensure their protection, the Marlborough Public Library has adopted the following policy.

  1. Children 9 years old and younger must be accompanied and supervised by a parent /guardian, or designated caregiver at least 14 years old, at all times in the Children’s Room and the Library.
  2. Parents/caregivers are responsible for the conduct of the children under their supervision while in the Library. If a child‘s conduct interferes with another patrons’ ability to use the Library, the child and his/her parent/caregiver will be asked to leave the building.
  3. Parents/caregivers must remain with their children, 9 years old and younger, when they are attending a Library sponsored program.
  4. Children over the age of 9 years old may use the Library unattended as long as their behavior is conducive to maintaining a peaceful atmosphere for all patrons. Parents/caregivers are expected to be aware that their child is at the Library. Both the child and the parent/caregivers should be familiar with Library policies and hours of service. A child, old enough to use the Library alone, whose conduct interferes with another patrons’ ability to use the Library will be asked to leave the building. Children should know how to reach a parent or caregiver during their visit.
  5. Library staff is not responsible for supervising children left alone when the Library is closing. Children who have not been picked up at closing time will be given the opportunity to call a parent or caregiver. The Supervisor in charge or a staff member from the Children’s or Teen Departments will wait with the child for a maximum of 10 minutes for the parent or caregiver to arrive.  If the parent/caregiver has not arrived by this time the Marlborough Police Department will be contacted. Under no circumstances will staff transport children in their personal vehicles or accompany them home.

Approved by the Marlborough Public Library Board of Trustees at their May 7, 2013 meeting.