Employment & Volunteer


Open library positions are posted on the City of Marlborough’s Human Resources Department page.



Library Gardeners
The Library needs volunteers to weed, plant and water flower beds. Minimum of 2 hours per week required. Contact: Margaret Cardello .

Friends Book Sorters
The Friends of the Marlborough Public Library are looking for people to help sort and box incoming donations in preparation for their two annual book sales. Contact: Jean Peters, Friends Book Sale Chair by email or at (508) 481-1833.

Lead a Conversation Circle
Would you like to volunteer to help English as a Second Language (ESL) learners speak better English? We need group leaders who can guide a conversation, make sure everyone speaks, and who can keep a commitment. No formal teaching experience is needed, but please have some ideas for conversations, some history of group leadership, and when you would like to convene a group. If you think this is for you, please contact Lori Berkey at (508) 624-6900.


Unfortunately, we cannot provide individual volunteer positions to meet the high demand from students, but we do offer a few group volunteer programs a month. Teens can sign up for these events and the event leader will sign off on their participation as volunteer service for school. Find upcoming Teen Volunteer Events here.