Employee Benefits

With your commitment to the City, the City in return, offers to you and your family a wide range of benefits which you can take advantage of. Described below is a listing of these benefits for your review. If you have any questions about your benefits please contact the Human Resources Department at (508) 460-3705.

Please Note: The following is for informational purposes only. Nothing contained herein shall be considered a employment contract. All benefits are subject to change without notice. Unionized employees should read their contract for specific benefits. Each plan may have limitations and exclusions, consult the individual plan booklets for complete details. Informational booklets are available in the Human Resources Department. For additional details, please visit the Applications & Guides page.

Pay Day

Thursdays is the normal payday for all employees. The City does offer direct deposit to any financial institution you wish to use.

Credit Union

City employees may join St. Mary’s Credit Union. The Credit Union offers saving, checking and all types of loan programs for its members. St. Mary’s credit union is located at 133 West Main Street, Marlborough MA.

Health, Dental & Life Insurance

Under Mass. General Law Chapter, 32B to be eligible for these benefits you must work at least 20 hours per week. Employees who work less than 20 hours per week are not eligible for Health, Dental, or Life Insurance through the City’s group plans.

Health Insurance

The City offers your choice of two Tufts Health Plans. Tufts Total Health EPO and Tufts PPO. Both plans offer comprehensive coverage for you and your family. The city holds open enrollment once a year for all current employees and retirees. This enrollment period is normally in May. Notices will be sent to each department stating the actual dates and times.

Deferred Compensation Program

The City offers employees the option to participate in our Section 457, Deferred Compensation Program. A Section 457 Plan allows eligible employees to defer a portion of their annual compensation to a special retirement account and avoid paying current federal income tax on the amount deferred. The city has an open enrollment for anyone who wishes to join or make changes into their accounts four (4) times a year.

Flexible Spending Account

Flexible Spending Accounts let you set aside a portion of your paycheck tax free to pay for certain health and dependent care expenses. Contributions are deducted from you paycheck prior to federal, state and social security taxes being computed. Because you don’t pay taxes on your contributions, you save money. The fee for this service is $5.00 per month. For more information, you can call 1-800-544-2340.

Dental Insurance

The City has contracted with Delta Dental to provide dental insurance for you and your family. This plan, also paid for on a pre-tax basis, offers a comprehensive dental program of Preventive, Basic Restorative and Major Restorative Services, and does include a Orthodontia benefit as well.

Life Insurance

The City offers three life insurance programs and a cancer insurance program for employees. The City’s vendor for life insurance is MetLife Insurance.

  • Plan A is a Basic Life AD&D insurance. The city offers all benefit eligible employees $2,000 group term life insurance.
  • Plan B is voluntary term life plan. Employees, on a voluntary basis, can purchase Group Term Life/AD&D insurance up to 1 times salary rounded to the nearest $5,000. This Group Term insurance reduces upon retirement and ceases at age 75.
  • Plan C is a voluntary Universal Life permanent plan. The City offers employees 70 years of age or less, the option to apply for voluntary universal life insurance for permanent protection. This insurance is issued on a simplified basis and never requires a medical exam. The plan provides cash accumulation, is fully portable, and can be maintained for life. Premium rates are based on age and desired amount of coverage. Coverage on children and spouses is also available.