Employee Benefits

With your commitment to the City, the City in return, offers to you and your family a wide range of benefits which you can take advantage of. Described below is a listing of these benefits for your review. If you have any questions about your benefits, please contact the Human Resources Department at (508) 460-3705.

Please Note: The following is for informational purposes only. Nothing contained herein shall be considered a employment contract. All benefits are subject to change without notice. Unionized employees should read their contract for specific benefits. Each plan may have limitations and exclusions, consult the individual plan booklets for complete details. Informational booklets are available in the Human Resources Department. For additional details, please visit the Applications & Gui

des page.

Pay Day: Bi-weekly payroll on Thursdays is the normal payday for all employees. The City does offer direct deposit to any financial institution you wish to use.

Credit Union: City employees may join St. Mary’s Credit Union. The Credit Union offers saving, checking and all types of loan programs for its members. St. Mary’s credit union is located at 133 West Main Street, Marlborough MA.

Health, Dental & Life Insurance: Under Mass. General Law Chapter, 32B to be eligible for these benefits you must work at least 20 hours per week. Employees who work less than 20 hours per week are not eligible for Health, Dental, or Life Insurance through the City’s group plans.

FY2023 Health and Dental Rate

Health Insurance: The City provides medical coverage through Tufts Health Plans. The City offers three plans through Tufts, EPO, PPO & HMO Saver High Deductible.

Pinnacle Care:  For our Tufts members: 

PinnacleCare is a white-glove healthcare navigation service that is dedicated to the health and wellbeing of our members and their families. Our personal health advisors provide high-touch support when members are faced with a serious medical condition.  PinnacleCare has spent the last 21 years building out relationships, and we currently partner with over 130 Centers of Excellence and Regional Health Systems.   We help to minimize the cost of care by quickly accessing top experts directly, to confirm serious diagnoses and determine the appropriate course of treatment.   By getting members fast access to the Best doctors and institutions, we get the diagnosis correct from the start, which then leads to better health outcomes and reduced healthcare costs.

Dental Insurance: The City provides a comprehensive dental program of Preventive, Basic Restorative and Major Restorative Services, as well as Orthodontia benefits through Delta Dental for you and your family.

Life Insurance: The City provides life insurance coverage through The City offers all benefit eligible employees $2,000 group term life insurance.  Additional voluntary life insurance is available to all new employees without a physical at the time of hire or with a physical (directly through the company, at any time).  The City’s vendor for life insurance is MetLife Insurance.


Flexible Spending Account: Flexible Spending Accounts let you set aside a portion of your paycheck tax free to pay for certain health and dependent care expenses. Contributions are deducted from you paycheck prior to federal, state and social security taxes being computed. Because you don’t pay taxes on your contributions, you save money. The fee for this service is $5.00 per month. For more information, you can call 1-800-544-2340.

HEALTH CARE. * Eligible expenses and services include non-cosmetic medical, dental, and vision care services; prescription medications; orthodontics, prescription eyeglasses, contact lenses, laser eye surgery, mental health services, alternative health therapies (e.g. chiropractic, acupuncture), and MORE! Max. Annual Health Care Election: $3,050.

DEPENDENT CARE. ** For dependent children under age 13, elderly dependents, and dependents with special needs. Eligible expenses include day care, pre-school, before/afterschool care, day camp, elder day care. Max. Annual Dep. Care Election: $5,000. per family.

Deferred Compensation Program: The City offers employees the option to participate in our Section 457, Deferred Compensation Program. A Section 457 Plan allows eligible employees to defer a portion of their annual compensation to a special retirement account and avoid paying current federal income tax on the amount deferred.

SMART PLAN: The SMART Plan is a retirement savings program authorized under section 457 of the Internal Revenue Code — commonly called 457 deferred compensation programs — that allow eligible employees to save and invest before-tax and after-tax dollars through salary deferrals (contributions).

SMART Plan Overview          SMART Plan Online Enrollment          SMART Plan Enrollment Form        SMART Plan Aiman Janineh Introduction Letter

VOYA: The City of Marlborough would like to reintroduce to our employees, Voya’s 457 Deferred Compensation Plan.  This retirement plan is designed to provide additional financial security by supplementing your City of Marlborough pension plan all through the convenience of payroll deductions.

VOYA General Information Brochure                         VOYA Performance Update Brochure

BENCOR:  Part-time Employee OBRA ***NEW Vendor for OBRA Deductions***

 This is ONLY for Part-time employees of the City/School employee.  The City is switching our OBRA vendor from Empowered Retirement to BENCOR.  This is FICA Alternative Plan provides an individual investment plan for part-time, temporary, and seasonal employees. Contributions to the plan are deducted from each employee’s wages and are income tax-deferred and invested in accordance with each employee’s direction. If you have any questions, please come to the Benefits Fair to speak with a representative about how you can manager your OBRA funds or attend one of the information sessions May 26th 1:30 pm at City Hall and at a location at another location at a school (location TBD) at 3:30 pm

If you should need to contact BENCOR the Participant Support: (866) 296-9712

Employee Assistance Program (EAP): MIIA EAP Services : Financial worries, aging parents, job stress, health issues - Everyone faces challenges from time to time,. With your EAP you don't have to face these things alone. A best-in-class work/life website with: Resources on living, career, finances, and health; Lifestyle assessments; Soft skill courses; Webinars; Planning calendars; 24/7 confidential support; And more!  PRIVATE, CONFIDENTIAL, & FREE FOR YOU AND YOUR HOUSEHOLD MEMBERS Your participation with your EAP is voluntary and strictly confidential. We do not report back to your employer about the things you discuss in private counseling conversations. 

To access these resources: https://www.mylifeexpert.com/login To create your account use code: MIIAEAP

EAP Information Flyer

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, here are a few helpful resources:

                  May Mental Health Flyer    Cultivating Mindfulness      Tip Sheet for Managing Stress

Disability Insurance


While major medical insurance pays doctors and hospitals, Aflac pays cash benefits directly to you. Benefits that are paid regardless of any other insurance. Please take a minute to view this interactive web page designed specifically for the City of Marlborough. Here you will find video presentations that explain the need for each plan, as well as brochures with detailed benefit information. Look around and explore all that Aflac can do for you. Contact me through the links below to:

Ask questions on policy information or pricing; Review your current coverage; or to Enroll in new coverage. https://www.aflacenrollment.com/CityofMarlborough/0KK18 OR call Allan for an appointment at 978-973-0871

AFLAC Information Brochure                 AFLAC Employee Brochure

Colonial Life

Voluntary benefits from Colonial Life provides critical support to employees when the unexpected happens – whether it’s an accident, illness or injury. Household budgets are tight. The future is unpredictable. And Life is always bringing changes. Let us help keep more money in your pocket. Best thing Colonial does is Pay CLAIMS! Let me help you protect you and your family! If you are interested in learning more contact your Representative Carleigh Gordon at 401-539-2990 or carleigh.gordon@coloniallifesales.com

Colonial Accident Ins. Active Lifestyles                          Colonial Accident Ins. Preferred Plan 

Colonial Critical Illness                                                       Colonial Medical Bridge 

Colonial Short Term Disability Ins. Mental Health         Colonial Short Term Disability Ins. 

Colonial Term Life Ins.                                                         Colonial Whole Life Plus Ins. 

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