Municipal Aggregation Program can SAVE you Money.

Municipal Aggregation

Are you new to Marlborough or recently moved within the city limits?

Would you like to save $money$ on your National Grid bills?


If you answered YES to either of those questions, then this message is for YOU!

The City of Marlborough has a Municipal Aggregation Program that is contracting with Inspire Energy and will lower your electricity bills.

Every three months, Inspire Energy automatically will enroll recently started National Grid Basic Service customers into the city’s Municipal Aggregation Program. If you would like to start saving money right away, you can visit  to opt-in without having to wait for the next cycle of automatic enrollments. *Note, it will take a full billing cycle to take effect.

If you have any Questions, please contact Colonial Power Group at 508-485-5858 ext.1 or visit

Or the Mayors office is available to answer questions, you can reach us at 508-460-3770.