Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers of all ages and abilities are what make our programs successful. Corporate volunteers and school groups are always a welcome resource. In addition, there are always opportunities for seniors to volunteer in the community. Volunteer services make a big difference in the lives of our older adutls. Talk to the Volunteer Coordinator if you are interested in making a difference in their lives at (508) 485-6492.

Marlborough Senior Center Volunteer Application

Senior Center: Friendly Visitors Needed

The Marlborough Council on Aging and Senior Center is looking for volunteers who are interested in doing some friendly visiting with senior residents of Marlborough who are in need of human companionship; some who are homebound. The volunteer would need to be dependable and reliable during scheduled visits decided upon by the elder and the volunteer. This is the perfect opportunity to make a significant impact in someone’s life, for an hour or two a week. If interested please click the link above for the Volunteer application and return i to us at the Senior Center or call the Volunteer Coordinator at 508-485-6492 x32102.

F.I.S.H.: Coordinators & Drivers Needed

Free Medical Appointment Transportation Service (F.I.S.H.) of Marlborough is a volunteer service that transports Marlborough residents to medical appointments. There are two positions that need volunteers: Coordinators and Drivers. Drivers and Coordinators must have completed and passed CORI background check. If you would like additional information about volunteer opportunities with F.I.S.H., please call and leave a message at (508) 485-6492 ext. 32199 and don't forget to leave your contact information.

  • Coordinators: Volunteer Coordinators work to link people who need rides with a driver from a list of all available Volunteer Drivers. This is a unique opportunity for those who prefer to work from their own home using their phone and a computer.
  • Drivers: Volunteer Drivers use their own vehicles and can specify in advance which days/hours they are available, as well as the distance they prefer to drive. Typically a driver will transport a client once every three to four weeks. A driver is never under an obligation to accept an assignment.

Senior Mobil Market Delivery People Needed

The Senior Movil Market Deliver Program is designed to reach homebound seniors.  Groceries are delivered to individuals once a month on Thursday mornings.  This program is run in conjuction with the Marlborough Community Cuboard and the Untied Way of Tri-County.   If interested in volunteering please call the Volunteer Coordinator at 508-485-6492 ext 32102 or click the application above and return it to the Senior Center.