Home Delivered & Onsite

What is the Elder Nutrition Program?
The Elder Nutrition Program is a federal and state funded program, administered by the Executive Office of Elder Affairs, which allows local elder agencies to provide nutritious meals to senior citizens.

What does the Elder Nutrition Program provide?
Meals are provided at congregate meal sites and through home-delivery to older citizens (age 60 and older) and handicapped or disabled people under the age of 60 who live in housing facilities occupied primarily by the elderly where congregate meals are served. Each meal contains at least 1/3 of the current daily Recommended Dietary Allowance of nutrients and considers the special dietary needs of the elderly. In addition to providing meals, the Elderly Nutrition Program also provides access to social and rehabilitative services.

What is the Congregate Meals Program?
The Congregate Meals Program provides at least one meal per day at senior centers, churches, schools, and other locations. The congregate setting provides opportunities for socialization and companionship. It also offers programs related to nutrition education, exercise activities, health promotion and disease prevention. Please call Jane Rourke 48-hours in advance to make a reservation at (774) 505-3666.

If you would like to make a referral for home delivered meals or need additional information, please call (508) 573-7200 and ask for the Intake Department.