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Marlgorough Massachusetts
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** Scam Alert ** Information from Marlborough Police Department
The Marlborough Police Department wishes to inform the public to beware of phone scams plaguing the residents of Marlborough.
The Police Department has received an increase in complaints of phone scams being perpetrated on throughout the city. These scams are used to trick the victim into sending money or, just as costly, providing personal info to another person. These scams are as follows:

Grandparent Member Scam: The caller contacts the victim on the phone and convinces the victim that they are the victim’s grandchild or family member. The caller then tells the victim that they are stuck and in trouble and need money. The caller has the victim send money to them without calling the parents of the child. Once the money is sent, it is discovered that the caller was not the grandchild. This scam is easily prevented by calling the family member prior to sending the money.
These scams have all existed in one form or another and frequently have new “twists” added to them to make them more fresh and successful. These scams usually go unsolved as the suspects usually use payphones and prepaid cell phones. Always use caution when receiving strange phone calls, especially when they ask for money to be sent.

Lottery Scam:  The caller claims that you have won money, usually from a foreign county’s lottery and that you have to send money via Western Union to cover the taxes before they send the prize money to the victims. In one recent incident the suspects were able to “spoof” their phone number to show up on the victim’s caller id as the actual Marlborough Police Department phone number and claimed to be a Police Sergeant calling to say that the previous caller was legitimate and to go ahead and send the money.

Tips to protect yourself:
1. Don’t assume that the information displayed on your phone, regarding who the caller is, is accurate, any phone number can be masked.
2. Never give out personal or financial information over the phone unless you know EXACTLY whom you’re dealing with.
3. If you have doubts about who’s on the phone, call the main number back rather than talking to the person who calls you.

**We are asking the public to please be aware of these scams and to not give any cash out when asked unless the situation can be verified by your local law enforcement agency. Sending large amounts of cash out is very risky and the chance of getting your money back is not likely. If you can, please stop and think about what the caller is asking of you and check the validity of the circumstances.
If you have any questions or concerns regarding these types of calls or scams, please call the Marlborough Police Department at 508-485-1212.


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