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Marlgorough Massachusetts
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Fire Dept.: Frequently asked questions
Why do you send a fire engine to a medical call?

The Marlborough Fire Department operates three fire stations located throughout the City.   All of our staff are trained in emergency medical procedures.


The response of the closest fire engine in an emergency brings trained firefighters to your home or place of business in minutes. Most times, the fire engine is closer to the call than the ambulance.   Emergency lifesaving equipment, such as, oxygen, cardiac defibrillators, epinephrine are carried on the fire engine.  This response, together with the paramedic ambulance personnel, contributes to a quality emergency response.

The fire engine response is beneficial in many ways.   It provides for immediate medical intervention, such as, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, enough personnel on the scene to provide for supervision of the patient and scene, and the ability to aid the paramedic ambulance personnel while they administer drugs or other life saving measures. We assist with the movement of a stretcher throughout the building, especially on stairways or when slippery conditions are encountered.   It is necessary to have more than the two ambulance personnel to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation, especially when moving the patient.   Teamwork is the name of the game and your wellbeing, qualified medical evaluation and intervention is the mission of the Marlborough Fire Department.

Why do fire engines respond to car accidents, even when they didn’t look serious?

The Marlborough Fire Department responds to all accidents where there is suspected injury to occupants of the vehicle.  When a call is received at the Public Safety Communications Center, quite often the caller does not know if any injuries have occurred as a result of the accident.  Even minor accidents cause “whiplash” or other injuries.  Sometimes, the reason for the accident is a medical condition that caused the operator to lose control of their vehicle.   To that end, all accidents are considered serious and require a response of medical personnel.

The Fire Department also has a stake in the protection of the environment.  The department supervises the clean-up of fuels, oils and coolants that may affect our natural resources.

Do I have to remove my underground heating oil tank?

No, current state law does not require the homeowner to remove an underground heating oil storage tank.  Tanks must be removed if they have been identified a leaking or have not been used for the previous twenty-four months.  Further, if you are selling your property, a buyer may have difficulty trying to secure financing if a tank exists. Please refer to the link for

The City’s Rubbish Removal Contractor did not take my Propane Tank.  Why?

The contractor is not allowed to pick-up items that are hazardous.  The tank still contains some product and is a serious fire/explosion hazard if handles improperly.  Take the tank to the City’s Waste facility for proper disposal.  Do not put the tank in a rubbish container or dumpster where fire or crushing may occur.  A tank rupture could cause serious injury.

When can I burn Brush?    Open Burning Season

The burning of brush is allowed only from January 15 through May 1.  A permit must be obtained at the Fire Department Headquarters, there is a $10.00 charge for the permit. A brochure will be given to you which states the rules associated with “open burning” as promulgated by the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP).

Is blasting allowed in Marlborough?

Yes, blasting is legal and a necessary aid in the removal of rock on construction sites and for the installation of utilities.  Blasting is a heavily regulated industry that requires a Permit from the local fire department.  Through the Department of Fire Services, the Office of the State Fire Marshal issues Blasting Certificates of Competency and Explosive Users Certificates to blasters and blasting companies.  The Marlborough Fire Department does not issue a blasting permit unless these documents are presented. These documents represent that the blaster is considered competent to conduct blasting operations, and that his company has shown evidence of bonding and required insurance respectively.

Am I entitled to a Pre-Blast Survey ?

You are entitled to a pre-blast survey if the structure you own is within 250 feet of the closest bore hole in the blasting site. It is the responsibility of the blaster to notify you of your right to a pre-blast survey.

It is a recommendation of this department to video tape the exterior and the interior of your home or business to document a “before and after” scenario should you be concerned with a blasting operation’s that is over 250 feet away.

What if I am sure that blasting damage has occurred?

A Blasting Damage Complaint Form is available during business hours at the fire department business office.  The form must be filed within thirty days of the occurrence.


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