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Ongoing DPW Projects
Project Name
Type of Project
Limits of Work
Sudbury Street-Water Replacement and Sewer Placement
Water Main Replacement and Sewer Main Installation
Sudbury Street from Wayside Inn Road to Concord Road
Construction through end of 2014
Memorial Beach Design
Reconstruction of Memorial Beach parking lots, walkways, and utilities. Construction of courts, play area and docks.
Memorial Beach
Substantially Complete by end of June 2014
Sewer Force Main Replacement
Sewer-Force Main Replacements
Various Locations-Force Main Replacement for Bolton Street and Hosmer Street
Construction Summer 2014
Reconstruction of Bolton Street, Brimsmead Street & Tremont Street
Roadway Reconstruction
Bolton Street from Main Street to Union Street, Brimsmead Street & Tremont Street
Start Construction Summer 2014
Reconstruction of Church Street, Plymouth Street & a Portion of Greenwood Street
Roadway Reconstruction
Church Street, Plymouth Street & the lower section of Greenwood Street
Construction Summer 2014
Reconstruction of Simarano Drive
Roadway Reconstruction
Simarano Drive
Under Design; Advertising June 2014
Water Service Replacement Various Locations
Water Service Replacement
Replace Plastic Services on Evelina Drive, Bergeron Road & Ahlgren Circle
Advertising Spring 2014; Construction June 2014
Reconstruction of School Sidewalks
Sidewalk Reconstruction
Middle School
Construction Summer 2014
Cleaning & Lining of Various Water Lines
Cleaning & Lining
Broad Street from Lincoln Street to West Main Street and Northborough Road West
Construction June 2014
Roadway Reconstruction of West Hill Road
Roadway Reconstruction
West Hill Road
Under Design
Landfill Project
Re-Establish Paved Swale
Hudson Street Landfill
Construction 2014
Roadway Reconstruction of Howland Street & Houde Street
Roadway Reconstruction
Howland Street & Houde Street
Under Design; Fall 2014
Roadway Reconstruction of Girard Street & Richard Road
Roadway Reconstruction
Girard Street & Richard Road
Under Design Fall 2014
Roadway Resurfacing of a Portion of Hudson Street and Donald Lynch Blvd.
Roadway Resurfacing
Hudson Street from Union Street to Mechanic Street & 423 to 728 Donald Lynch Blvd.
Advertising Fall 2014; Construction Fall 2014
Crack Sealing Various Locations
Crack Sealing
Various Location
Fall 2014
Culvert Replacements Elm Street Over Millham Brook & Bolton Street Over Fort Meadow
Culvert Replacements
Elm Street Over Millham Brook & Bolton Street Over Fort Meadow
Advertising Summer/Fall 2014
Reconstruction of Windsor Street & D'Angelo Drive
Roadway Reconstruction
Windsor Street & D'Angelo Drive
Under Design
Sidewalk Construction on Williams Street & Walker Street
Sidewalk Construction
Williams Street & Walker Street
Under Design
Farm Road
Reconstruction of Road, Sidewalks , Drainage and Sewer
Farm Road; Cook Lane to Route 20
100% Design; Public Hearing was Oct. 21, 2008; Under MassDOT Review
East Main Street
Roadway Reconstruction and Sidewalks
East Main Street; Main Street to Lincoln Street
75% Design; Public Hearing on Jan. 14, 2009; Under MassDOT Review
Route 20/Concord Road Signal Design
Signal Design
Route 20 and Concord Road
25% Design Submitted to State on Jan. 16, 2009. Public Hearing held in Oct. 2011; Under MassDOT Review
Maple Street
Reconstruction of Road, Drainage, Sewer and Sidewalks
Maple Street; John Street to Southborough line
25% Design Submitted to State on Dec. 2008; Under MassDOT Review