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Marlgorough Massachusetts
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Frequently Asked Questions - Water/Sewer
Who do I call for water/sewer bill questions?

You can contact the Water Registrar's Office if you have questions relating to your bill.  The Office can be reached by calling 508-624-6910 x33400.

If you have a consumption question or question the usage on your bill please contact the Department of Public Works Water & Sewer Division at 508-624-6910 Ex 33400.

Where do I pay my water and sewer bills?

Water and sewer bills can be paid at the Collector's Office located on the first floor of City Hall, 140 Main St. Marlborough.

Or you can go to MCC eBill:     

eBill improves the bill payment process by allowing users to electronically send and receive bill and payment information using convenient, cost effective, and secure state-of-the-art technology.   The web address for this service is:     

What are the water and sewer rates and are they the same for all uses?  

Rates are the same for irrigation, pool, residential and commercial uses. The city bills in hundred cubic feet (ccf).  

What are the equivalent gallons for a cubic foot?

There are 7.48 gallons of water in a cubic foot of water. To convert gallons to hundred cubic feet, divide the total gallons by 748.  To convert cubic feet to gallons, multiply the cubic feet by 748.

How do you calculate my sewer charges?

Sewer charges are based on water usage.  If you use 10 CCF of water, you will be billed for 10 CCF in sewer.

When should I receive my bill?

Commercial and industrial customers meters are read and billed bi-monthly. Residential customers are billed four times a year. The date bills are mailed is dependent on the section of the city where you reside. Two bills are from true (actual) readings from your meters and two bills are estimates. Estimates are calculated by adding your previous three readings and dividing by three.                            

Why do I have an inside water meter and an outside water meter?

The city’s meter readers cannot access inside meters to take readings when property owners are not there.  The city installed outside meters to allow readings to be taken when property owners are not available. It is the obligation of the property owner to periodically check their inside and outside meters to make sure they match.  It is recommended that this be done two times a year.   Note:  The city is in the process of changing out older meters to a new radio read system.  This meter type will eliminate the outside reader and will, instead transmit the meter usage by way of a radio signal to a receiverand our meter reading equipment.

Who can fix my water meter?

Meters are maintained by the City of Marlborough for single family and two family homes. Single family and two family homeowners should call the Department of Public Works, Water Division at 508-624-6910 Ex 33400 for meter repair. Multifamily, commercial and industrial customers must contact their own plumbers to have their meters repaired.  The Department of Public Works must be contacted at 508-460-6910 X 33400 if any work is performed on a meter.

My inside and outside meter readings do not match, what should I do?

If you find that your meters do not match, you should contact the Department of Public Works, Water Division at 508-624-6910 Ex 33400 to set up an appointment to have the meters checked and reset.  The city will do this for single family and 2 family customers. Multi family, commercial, and industrial customers will need to contact a plumber to fix the meters. The Department of Public Works will need to be contacted to set and reseal the repaired meters.

Why do I owe more for water and sewer now that I have had my inside and outside meters fixed?

When the city or your plumber fixed your meters, a reading was taken from the inside meter. The meter reading on the inside of the property was higher then the reading on the outside of the property. The inside meter is a mechanical device and the reading changes as the water flows through the meter. The outside meter is a device that changes reading by receiving small electrical impulses generated by the inside meter. Over time electrical resistance and other conditions cause the outside meter to slow down and register readings that are lower than the actual usage.  Therefore, the city uses the inside meter as the meter that reflects the actual water usage of a property.

The City is in the process of converting the water metering system to an automatic meter reading system.  As such, only Neptune meters will be acceptable.  The local distributor for Neptune Meters is Ti-Sales , telephone # 978-443-2002. They will be able to provide you with a meter that will be compatible with our reading system.

How do I set up a separate meter for a sprinkler system?

Your plumber has or can obtain all of the required information to set up a separate water meter system from the Department of Public Works, Water Division at 508-624-6910 Ex 33400. The City does not allow deduction meters and all water used is billed at the same rate as any other water account.  Once the system and meters are installed, the
Department of Public Works needs to inspect, reset and seal the meters. They can be reached at the above phone number.

How do I obtain a final water and sewer bill?

When a homeowner or business owner knows the closing date for the property being sold, they need to call the billing office at 508-624-6910 x33400 to set up an appointment for a final read.  When you call, you need to provide the new owners name and billing address if different from the address of the property being sold.  The city does final reads only on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Therefore, it is important to call as soon as you know your closing date. Appointments must be made when someone will be at the property to meet the meter reader – Very important, someone must be at the property for the appointment. Our meter reader must get inside the property to read the inside meter and, if no one is there, we will not be able to take a reading. If this happens, a new appointment will need to be set up with the Department of public works for the next available date.
The final bill will be available the day after the reading after 9:00 a.m and can be picked up at the Department of Public Works, Municipal Garage, 135 Neil Street, Water & Sewer Division Billing Office. Payment by cash, certified check or money order is made at the Collector's Office in City Hall, 140 Main Street.  No personal checks will be accepted.    

Can I get an abatement for the sewer charges associated with filling my new pool?

The city allows a one time sewer abatement for a new pool. To receive an abatement a letter needs to be sent to The City of Marlborough, Office of the Water Registrar, Department of Public Works, Municipal Garage, 135 Neil Street, Marlborough, Ma. 01752 before the pool is filled.  The letter should include the dimensions of the pool, whether it is an above ground or in ground pool and the gallons of water needed to fill the pool.  We will abate a portion of the sewer charges on the next scheduled water bill based on a formula we use in the billing office.

Can I obtain abatement for sewer charges associated with seasonal filling and refilling of my pool?

The city does not allow abatements for water to top off the pool at the beginning of the season or for water used during the swimming season to top off the level of water in the pool
I need to refill my pool because I had the liner repaired. Can I obtain abatement for the sewer charges?

If a homeowner needs to replace the pool liner the Water Registrar may allow another sewer abatement on the water used to refill the pool.  You will need to send a letter with the same information as above and you will also need to enclose a copy of the bill for the new liner.

What do I do if I think my bill is wrong?

You should contact the billing office with your concerns at 508-624-6910 x33400, if you think your bill is inaccurate.  Please have the current meter reading when you call.  If it’s a case of a meter being read incorrectly you need to call the correct reading into the office and we will adjust the bill.  If it’s a case of inside and outside meters readings not matching please understand you must be billed for the usage on the inside meter as that is the meter the water passes through.   All other issues will be investigated and a decision made after reviewing all the facts. Part of this investigation may require you to contact the Department of Public Works, Water Division at 508-624-6910 Ex 33400 to have them remove the meter and test it at the shop.  The property owner will need to be present at the DPW when the meter is tested. The billing office will reassess the charges if the meter proves to be faulty. No changes will be made if the meter proves to be working correctly.

If you still feel there is a problem after talking to the billing office you can contact the
Water Registrar to further dispute the problem.  

I had a leak in my water pipe going to my kitchen sink. Can I obtain an abatement for the sewer, as none of the water went down the drain?

The city does not give abatements for leaks.

Who do I contact if I suspect a water leak or sewer backup?

During normal business hours (7:00 AM - 3:30 PM Mon-Fri), you can contact the Water Division Office at 508-624-6910 Ext 33300.  Outside of these hours you can contact the Police dispatcher at 508-485-1212.  He/she will contact the Department's Call-Man to investigate the situation.

Who do I contact if I have water quality questions?

If you have water quality questions, you can contact the Senior Treatment Chemist at 508-624-6919.  He/she should be able to answer your questions.  If he/she is unable to answer the question, he/she will research the matter and respond when the answer has been obtained.

How much do water and sewer connections cost?

Water and sewer connection fees are available on this website under Water Regulations, Section 194-11, for water connection fees and Sewer Regulations, Section 161-4, for sewer connection fees.  Note: Sewer connections to the Westerly Wastewater Treatment Plant are also subject to the Interim Sewer Connection Policy.  Since Marlborough is at its capacity to the Westerly Plant, this policy has been instituted to assist in creating usable capacity by removing inflow and infiltration, or identifying a flow diversion project that would transfer flow from the Westerly Plant to the Easterly Plant.

How can I obtain fire hydrant flow test information?

A flow test on a fire hydrant can be performed by contacting the Water and Sewer Division (508-624-6910 Ext.33401).  A fee of $100.00 is charged for each flow test.  If the Division has record fire flow information, there is no charge for that information.

Who do I contact if I have high or low pressure at my home?

Questions about high or low water pressure can be addressed to the Water and Sewer Division (508-624-6910 Ext.33401).  They will schedule a Water Divison personnel to investigate the situation.

What is a Cross Connection and do the DEP regulations apply to me?

A Cross Connection is any actual or potential physical connection or arrangement between a pipe conveying potable water from a public water system and any non-potable water supply, piping arrangement or equipment including, but not limited to, waste pipe, soil pipe, sewer, drain, other unapproved sources.  The regulations currently do apply to residences however, the city program only monitors commercial and industrial businesses.  It is the residentiqal propertry owner's responsibility to assure lawn irrigation systems, and other installations that could compromise water supply, comply with DEP regulations.


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