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Marlgorough Massachusetts
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Frequently Asked Questions
How do I know if my land is subdividable?

Dimensional requirements for land in the City of Marlborough are governed by the city’s Zoning Ordinance (Chapter 200).  You must first determine whether you have sufficient land to meet the applicable requirements.  Contact a local surveyor or engineer who can determine the best way to subdivide and whether or not your property would meet the requirements of the Subdivision Rules and Regulations.   Click here to review a copy of the most recent Rules and Regulations.   

What is an “Approval Not Required” plan?

Most subdivisions involve multiple lots on a larger parcel of land with the construction of a roadway.  In some cases, single lots can be carved out of a larger lot or there can be a land swap between neighbors that does not require a full subdivision plan because the lots will meet all of the dimensional requirements of the current zoning as it applied to frontage requirements.  In that case the term “approval not required” actually means “approval not required under the Subdivision Control Law.”  In that instance the Planning Board reviews the plan to insure that the plan meets three standards:

·       The lots shown on the plan must front on one of three types of ways as specified in Chapter 41, Section 81L, MGL
·       The lots shown on the plan must meet the minimum frontage requirements as specified in Chapter 41, Section 81L,          MGL; and
·       The Planning Board’s determination that the vital access to the lots as comtemplated by Chapter 41, Section 81L, MGL., otherwise exist.

Does a subdivision plan always require a public hearing?

A public hearing will be held for any preliminary or definitive subdivision plan.  Abutters within five hundred (500) feet of the land being subdivided will be notified.  The requirement states that the notification will go to the abutters who owned the property as of January 1 of that year.

What is an “Open Space” subdivision?

An “open space” development means a development of residential lots in which land within the subdivision is set aside as permanently protected open space.  In consideration for the open space concept, some of the dimensional requirements of that particular zone may be reduced.  Click here for to see the rules and regulations for open space developments.

How often does the Planning Board meet?

The Planning Board for the City of Marlborough meets on essentially the same schedule as the City Council.  The schedule is set in January of each year.  Click here for a copy of the meeting schedule.

How can I see copies of meeting minutes?

Minutes are made available to the public only when they have been officially approved by the Planning Board.  In most cases the minutes from one meeting are approved at the next meeting.  The only exception would be if the clerk or acting clerk were unavailable at that meeting for a signature.

Click here for Planning Board meeting minutes.  (Minutes are available for one year on line.  If you have a request for any minutes beyond that time, contact the office either by telephone or e-mail).

What is a scenic road?

Mass. General Law Chapter 405, Section 15C (The Scenic Roads Act) allows any community to designate roadways within their community as “Scenic Roads”.  Any road repair, maintenance, reconstruction, or paving work that will involve the cutting or removal of trees or the alteration of stone walls, or portions thereof on any designated scenic road, must be approved by the Planning Board.  Anyone wishing to do such work must make an application for such work and a public hearing must be held before approval may be given.  Click here for a copy of the regulations and application.

How do I know whether I live on a Scenic Road?

The following streets were designated as Scenic Roads by the City Council on June 22, 1992:

·       Ash Street                                      Hemenway Street
·       Beach Street                                    Hemenway Street Extension
·       Berlin Road                                     Hosmer Street
·       Bigelow Street                                  Millham Road
·       Brigham Street                          Parmenter Road
·       Church Street                                   Pleasant Street
·       Clover Hill Street                              Robin Hill Road
·       Concord Road                                    Spoonhill Avenue
·       Dudley Street                                   Stevens Street
·       East Dudley Street                              Stow Road
·       Elm Street                                      Sudbury Street
·       Farm Road                                       Wayside Inn Road
·       Fitchburg Street                                West Hill Road
·       Framingham Road                         Westborough Road

Can other forms be downloaded from this site?

Click on each of the following to download the appropriate forms:

Passbook bond agreement
Certificate of Performance (or lot release form)
Appendix “A” Application for Endorsement of Plan Believed not to Require     Approval

Appendix “B” Application for Approval of Preliminary Plan
Appendix “C” Application for Approval of Definitive Plan
Appendix “D” Petition for Approval of Final Plan
Application for Special Permit for “Open Space Subdivision”
Request for bond reduction form and amended schedule
Checklist for plan submittal; preliminary and definitive


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