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Marlgorough Massachusetts
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1.No street or way through private property shall be accepted by the City unless the same be previously constructed and completed in accordance with the Standard Cross Section (See Appendix F), Street Layout Plan, Profile and the following.

2.Unless otherwise specified, all the work and the materials used in the work to be done shall conform to the requirements of the most recent editions of the following:  Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Public Works, Standard Specifications for Highways and Bridges, hereinafter referred to as the Standard Specifications as amended, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Construction Manual, Construction Standards and the Special Provisions included hereinafter.  (Amended 1/7/80)

3.Supplementing the aforesaid Standard Specifications, certain specifications or special provisions shall apply particularly to the work to be done hereunder.  References in the following specifications, unless otherwise stated, are to the aforesaid Standard Specifications.  In case of conflict between these specifications or special provisions and the aforesaid Standard Specifications, amendments or addenda, these specifications and special provisions shall take precedence and shall govern.

4.To facilitate reference, each paragraph in these specifications is noted with the paragraph number of the particular section as contained in the Standard Specifications.

5.Wherever in the Standard Specifications or other contractual documents, the following terms, or pronouns in place of them are used, the intent and meaning shall be interpreted by substitution as follows:

"Commonwealth"  --City of Marlborough
"Department"  -- Department of Public Works,
 City of Marlborough

"Engineer"       --The Commissioner of Public Works of the City of Marlborough acting directly or through an authorized representative acting within the scope of the particular duties entrusted to him.

6.The extent of work required is as shown approximately upon approved plans, and, in compliance with the Standard Cross Section Plans, stakes shall be set which will indicate the exact amount of cut or fill.

7.As each construction operation is completed, it shall be approved by the Engineer previous to starting work in the succeeding operation.

8.At the time the street or way or portion thereof is ready for acceptance and to facilitate acceptance by the City of Marlborough, the developer shall have prepared and certified by a Registered Land Surveyor a "Plan of Acceptance" drawn with indian ink on tracing cloth or single matte, 3 mil. mylar (size 18" x 24" or 24" x 36") showing widths, areas, lengths, bearings of all boundary lines of streets and easements and radii, tangents and central angles of all curves in street lines.  It shall show that all stone bounds have been set.  (Amended 7/18/88)

A blank space (4" x 8") shall be provided on the lower right-hand corner on the plan for a title block to be filled in by the City Engineer.  The Surveyor shall place a certification on the plan stating "The street (or way or portion thereof) is laid out and the bounds have been set as shown on this plan" and shall be dated, signed and the surveyor's stamp affixed thereon.  The plan shall be submitted to the City Engineer.

9.The developer will have the original plans and profiles that were submitted to the Planning Board and that are on file in the City Engineer's office, corrected and certified by his Engineer to show the actual as built locations and grades of all utilities and roadway profile and any changes authorized by the Planning Board.  This will be done in a manner approved by the City Engineer.


1.The roadway shall be graded and prepared for pavement as follows:

(a)101  Clearing and grubbing shall be performed to remove stumps, brush, roots, boulders and like from the area of the travelled way, shoulders, sidewalks, and utility trenches, but elsewhere existing vegetation shall be preserved wherever feasible.  (Amended 7/18/88)

(b)120  Roadway Earth Excavation shall remove all unsuitable materials encountered down to the true surface of the sub-grade, in preparation for foundation of roadway, sidewalks, driveways and berms.  Approved materials such as gravel and loam obtained in the excavation may be used in fills as required, if, in the opinion of the Engineer, they are suitable.

(c)150  When, in the opinion of the Engineer, suitable material is not available within the limits of the highway location to form the sub-grade or sub-base, the contractor shall obtain such additional material from other sources in accordance with this section and as may be approved by the Engineer.

(d)170  The sub-grade surface (16" below the finished surface grade) shall be prepared true to the lines, grades and cross sections given and properly rolled.  All soft or spongy material below the sub-grade surface shall be removed to a depth determined by the Engineer, and the space thus made shall be filled with special gravel borrow, containing no stones over six inches (6") in their largest diameter.  (Amended 7/18/88)

(e)405  Gravel base course shall consist of approved gravel placed upon the sub-grade or sub-base as directed and in accordance with these specifications and in reasonable close conformity with the lines and grades shown on the plans or established by the Engineer.

(f)405.60  The gravel shall be spread in layers upon the prepared sub-grade from self-spreading vehicles or with power graders of approved types or by hand methods.  Gravel shall be spread in layers not more than four inches (4") thick, compacted measure.
The gravel shall be compacted and placed to the tolerance as stipulated in Section 401, Gravel or Crushed Stone sub-base.

At the conclusion of this step the roadway shall be staked in all locations where permanent monuments are to be installed as provided in sub-section 7.13.

2.Roadways shall be constructed for the full length of all streets within the subdivision and shall have the same curb radius required in Section IV A.2 above.  The center line of all roadways shall coincide with the center line of the street right-of-way unless a deviation is approved by the Planning Board.  The minimum width of roadways shall be as follows:

Lanes  -  twenty-six feet (26')
Other Secondary Streets  -  thirty-two feet (32')
Major Streets -
residential - thirty-eight feet (38')
industrial & commercial - forty-four feet (44')  (Amended 7/18/88)

3.460  The wearing surface of roadways shall be of Class 1 Bituminous Concrete Pavement, Type I-1.  This type of pavement shall be composed of mineral aggregate, mineral filler and bituminous material, plant mixed and laid hot.  The pavement shall be constructed in two courses with a final pavement depth after rolling of four inches (4") upon the prepared surface and in conformity with lines, grades and typical cross-section shown on plans.  Material and construction methods shall conform to all other requirements of Section 460 of the Standard Specifications, except that no such construction shall be undertaken before March 30th of any year nor after November 1st of any year without written permission of the City Engineer.  (Amended 7/18/88)

4.658  Embankments outside the right-of-way shall be evenly graded and pitched at a slope of not greater than two horizontal to one vertical in fill.  Where cuts are made in ledge, other slopes may be determined with the approval of the City Engineer.  Where terrain necessitates greater slopes,  retaining wall, terracing, fencing, or rip-rap may be used either alone or in combination to provide safety and freedom from maintenance, but must be done in accordance with plans filed with the Planning Board and approved by the City Engineer.  The subdivider must furnish to the City duly recorded access easements for maintenance of the slopes, terraces, or retaining walls.  All such slopes shall be
grassed in accordance with the specifications for the area between the roadway and sidewalk or roadway and boundary of the right-of-way.

5.Dust control shall be provided throughout the entire project.  Sprinklers, watering trucks, calcium chloride, fencing, etc. shall be employed as directed by the Planning Board.  (Added 7/18/88)


1.140  Excavation for structures including foundations for drains, sewers and water pipes, walls and other structures shall be made to the depth as indicated on plans or established by the Engineer.  Rock excavation designated as Class B, encountered in trench excavation shall be removed as directed by the City Engineer.

2.200  All drain, sewer, gas and water pipes and other structures shall be installed upon the completion of roadway sub-grade and before the placing of the sub-base, gravel base course, sidewalks or pavement.

Sewer and water mains shall be installed in accordance with the ordinances of the City of Marlborough.  Gravity sewer and drain lines shall be designed with a minimum slope of one percent (1%) and a maximum slope of nine percent (9%).  (Amended 7/18/88)

Gas mains shall be installed if gas connection is available unless said installation is specifically waived by the Planning Board.

3.200, 220, 230  Adequate disposal of surface and sub-surface water shall be provided and pipes, manholes and catch basins shall be provided according to the sizes and depths as indicated on the plans and in conformity with the requirements of Sections 200, 220, 230 and shall be built on both sides of the roadway at intervals not to exceed three hundred feet (300'), unless otherwise provided by the Planning Board, and at such other places as deemed necessary by the Commissioner of Public Works and the Planning Board to assure the unimpeded flow of all natural watercourses, to assure adequate drainage of all low points and to provide proper run off of storm water.  In no instances shall catch basins be located along a driveway cut.  The standard depth of catch basins shall be two feet six inches (2'6") below invert of lowest drain.  Manholes shall be constructed to the required depth at each junction point and as shown on the plan.  Pipe culvert and pipe drains shall be in
conformity with the requirements of Section 230 for installation of pipes.

Class IV reinforced concrete pipe shall be used for all drain lines and installed according to the size and grade shown on the approved "Definitive Plan".  (Amended 7/18/88)

4.On-site sewage disposal facilities shall be installed and constructed in conformity with the rules, regulations and requirements of the Board of Health.

5.Where adjacent property is not subdivided or where all the property of the applicant is not being subdivided at the same time, provision shall be made for the extension of the utility system by continuing the mains the full length of streets and to the exterior limits of the subdivision, at such grade and size which will, in the opinion of the Planning Board, permit their proper extension.


1.Unless otherwise specified by the Planning Board, the sidewalks shall extend the full length of each side of the street and shall be of the following minimum widths:

Along secondary streets - six feet (6') including curb;

Along major streets - six feet (6') including curb.  (Amended 7/18/88)

2.700  Bituminous concrete sidewalks having a minimum thickness of two inches (2") after compression, shall be constructed on a six inch (6") gravel foundation to the required lines and grades in accordance with these specifications.  The sidewalk shall be constructed with a shaped granite curbing or upright granite curbing as approved by the Commissioner of Public Works.  (Amended 1/7/80 & 7/18/88)

3.700  If desired, Granolithic sidewalks shall be constructed as directed by the Engineer in conformity with this section of the "Standard Specifications".


1.Grass plots on secondary road layouts will not be permitted.

2.Grass plots on major roads or secondary roads (based on sixty foot (60') layout) may be permitted if desired by the Planning Board.

3.Grass plots on secondary roads fifty foot (50') layout in P.U.D. developments which are to be privately maintained may be permitted if desired by the Planning Board.


1.Street trees of a species approved by the City Forester shall be planted on each side of each street in a subdivision, except where the Definitive Plan showed trees to be retained which are healthy and adequate.  Such trees shall be located outside of the right-of-way as shown in the Profile and Standard Cross Section Plans, Appendix F, approximately at forty foot (40') intervals, and shall be at least twelve feet (12') in height, and a minimum of three inch (3") caliper.  (Amended 7/18/88 & 1/7/91)

2.The subdivider shall plant other trees as needed to provide at least two (2) areas of shade to each lot.

3.Removal and disposal of trees not intended for preservation shall be as designated by the City Forester.


1.Monuments shall be installed at all street intersections, at all points of change in direction, or curvature of streets along all easements as described in IV-D-4, and at all other points where, in the opinion of the Planning Board, permanent monuments are necessary.  (Amended 7/18/88)

2.Monuments shall be standard permanent granite, 6"x6"x4', with a polished top and drill hole in the center.  Monuments shall be installed at the time of final grading with the top of the monument set flush with the final grade surface.  (Amended 7/18/88)


1.Street signs shall be installed at each intersection to conform to the standard established by the Commissioner of Public Works.

2.Street names shall be approved by the City Engineer to prevent duplication and to provide names in keeping with the character of the City.


1.Street lights shall be installed in all subdivisions by the utility for the developer in each section as developed prior to the reduction or moving or release of bond or release from covenant thereon.  (Amended 6/29/72)

J.FIRE ALARM SYSTEM  (Deleted 12/2/91)


1. Telephone and electric lines and service connections shall be installed underground in accord with the procedure required by the Commissioner of Public Works.

L.CABLE TELEVISION  (Added 7/18/88)

1.Cable television shall be installed in accordance with the requirements of the Commissioner of Public Works, to serve all lots within the proposed subdivision.

M.SIGNAGE (Added 7/18/88)

1.Regulatory and warning signs shall be installed in accordance with the requirements of the City Engineer.

N.GUARDRAILS (Added 7/18/88)

1.Guardrails shall be provided at the locations designated by the City Engineer.

O.      MAILBOXES (Added 1/7/91)

        1.Mailboxes shall be installed in accordance with Appendix J.


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