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Marlgorough Massachusetts
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Government &Politics

When incorporated in 1890 Marlborough's new city government consisted of a mayor, six aldermen, 14 common councilmen and seven members of the school committee. We were represented in the Senate by James W. McDonald and in the House of Representa-tives by John J. O'Brien and F.C. Curtis. The Senatorial district was the 4th Middlesex made up of eleven communities and the representative district was the 29th Middlesex which included Hudson and Sudbury and elected two representatives each year. Elections were held every year.

The city was predominately Republican during its early stages and then progressively became a Democratic stronghold. The mayoralty contest was voted under the party system until 1923.

The 29th Middlesex became the 21st in 1898 with Sudbury and Wayland before becoming the 9th Middlesex made up of only placeCityMarlborough represented by one representative instead of two in 1908.

The city's Senatorial district has undergone numerous changes over the 100 years but has not had a Marlborough person as its State Senator since Edward Simoneau in 1930. City Councilor Edward Cusson unsuccessfully attempted to unseat Senator Olson in 1962 although he carried Marlborough by a large margin. If Robert Durand upholds his November 6, 1990 win after the recount by his challenger William Monnie, we will have our first Marlboroughite repre-senting us in the State Senate for the first time in 60 years.

A major election change occurred in 1920 when state officers went to the biennial system, and in 1922 the city witnessed its biggest change in its government system when the voters accepted a new, moderated Plan B form of government, eliminating aldermen downsizing the council to eleven (seven in wards and four at large) and the school committee from seven members to six at large and a two year term for mayors and councilors.

Marlborough has consistently voted with he winning ticket in the Presidential elections except in 1928 when it voted for Al Smith over Hoover, 1952 Adlai Stevenson over Eisenhower, 1968, McGovern over Nixon and in 1980 voting for Carter over Reagan.

We have had many Marlboroughites represent us in both the State Senate and House of Representatives (see list) but only one has represented us on a national level. John J. Mitchell had not only served as State Representative and State Senator but also served in the United States Congress. He won his seat in Congress on his second attempt. Victory did not come easily however, because he had to sustain a recount that took over a week. He served one term (1911-1912). Other Marlboroughites who unsuccessfully ran for our congressional seat were I. Porter Morse, 1898; William H. Murphy, 1916; James Hurley, 1926; Frank Walker, 1952.

Marlborough Senators Since 1890

William N. Davenport, 1899-90   John J. Mitchell, 1907-08
James W. McDonald, 1891-92      Charles F. McCarthy, 1912-14
Henry Parsons, 1897-98                  Edward Simoneau, 1927-30
Harrie C. Hunter, 1905-06

Marlborough Representatives Since 1890
John J. Obrien, 1890-91                 John Herry Baker, 1918-19
Charles Favreau, 1892-93-94     William H. Hannagan, 1920-24
Louis P. Howe, 1893-94-95               William Wellen, 1925-30
William L. Morse, 1897-98               Stephen Manning, 1931-34
George Ba1colm, 1898-99-1900    John F. Manning, 1935-41
William M. Brigham, 1899-1907   Norman F. Wellen, 1941-50
Harrie C. Hunter, 1901-02               Charles T. Kelleher, 1950-56
John J. Mitchell, 19O3-1906     John Navin, 1957-74
John H. Parker, 1907-15-16-17   Joseph Navin, 1975-84
Charles F. McCarthy, 1908-11    Robert Durand, 1985-90
James M. Hurley, 1912-14                Daniel VaIianti, 1991-

"Registered Voters 1890-1990
1890-3,875      1930-7,143      1970-11,209     
1900-3,971      1940-9,256      1980-16,258
1910-3,429      1950-9,311      1990-17,725
1920-6,420      1960-10,785

"Public Servants"

Many individuals have served the citizens of our great city over the last century, either as an elected or appointed official. We wish we had room to list all of them, but we do not.

However, the following recaps cover those elected to the City Council and appointed officials followed by a history of our 35 mayors by Ed Bridges.

Elected Officials       .
There have been over 100 people who have been elected to serve the residents of Marlborough
since it became a city in 1890. As stated earlier, there is not enough room to list everybody; however these are a few who faithfully served the city for long periods of time:

Dan O 'Conner served in six different decades as Alderman of Ward 2, in 1908-10, 1914, 1917-20 and Councilor Ward 2 in 1924-31, 1940-53, for a total of thirty years of dedicated service.
Edward Cusson served twenty years as a Councilor-At-Large 1950-55, 1960-69, 1978-83.

Romeo Gadbois served eighteen consecutive years as a Councilor-At-Large 1932-1946, and then six years as Mayor 1942-1957.

Alphonse Lizotte served eighteen consecutive years as Councilor, Ward 4, 1948-1965.

John H. Bradshaw consecutively served eighteen years as Councilor, Ward 7, 1942-1959.

Daniel J. Cullinane, eighteen consecutive years as Councilor, Ward 7, 1941-58

Charles A. Lyons served eighteen years as a Councilor-At-Large 1929-31, 1944-45, 1948-51, 1954-61 and also six years as Mayor, 1932-1937.

Raymond D. Lavallee has served seventeen years as a Councilor-At-Large, 1950-51, 1966-74, 1982-83, 1987 -present.

Others include Harry C. Cole, 17 years; Mike Manning, 15 years; Herry Thiveierge, 15 years; Jim Forrest, 14 years; Joseph Gallagher, 14 years.

Appointed Officers

Many a fine person has served the residents of our city these past 100 years. Some have served for a brief time, others devoted their lives to their jobs. Most notably was Peter B. Murphy who served as City Clerk from 1891-1931, plus as Town Clerk from 1882-1890, a total of fifty-eight years.

Others are Timothy Harris, Almoner, 1890-1930 (40 years);Louis Ghiloni, Recreation Director, 1952-1990 (38 years); William H. Osgood, Tax Collector 1902-1916 and then Treasurer/Tax Collector, 1917-1939 (38 years); Mary O 'Connor, Public Health Nurse, 1931-1968 (37 years); Clarence Sanford, Almoner, !936-1966 (34 years); George Stacy, Superintendent Water Works 1891-1922(30 years); J. Francis Granger, City Engineer and Super-intendent of Streets, 1928-1960 (33 years); Harry Loftus, Superintendent Water Department and Commissioner of Public Works, 1943-1971 (29 years); John F. Byrne, Building Inspector, 1959-1986 (28 years) and James F. Bigelow, City Engineer, 1896-1921 (25 years).

There is not enough space to list them all, but here are some of the major offices:

William A. Alley, 1891
Charles F. Holyoak, 1892-1916
William H. Osgood, 1917-39
Edward F. Bigelow, 1940-60
Arthur F. Bennett, 1961-65
Clifford O. Avey, 1966-81
Thelma Bertonazzi, 1982-87
*Harvey Beth, 1988
*Lynn Beck, 1989
*Tom Wellen, 1990
* Also served as Finance Director

Tax Collector
William D. Doyle, 1890-99               Arthur F.. Bennett, 1961
Benjamin F. Greeley, 1900-01    Clifford O. Avey, 1962-81
William H. Osgood, 1902-39      Thelma Bertonazzi, 1982-87
Edward F. Bigelow, 1940-60      Verona Cloutier 1989-90

Auditor .
Edward R. Alley,1891                    Henry B. Adams,1948, 51,66-77-
P.E. Conry, 1892        
George S. Haskell, 1893-1903    J. Aimee Boise, 1952-55
William A. Dudley, 1904-08      Arthur Bennett, 1956-60
Charles S. Thompson,1909-25     Emery Veinotte, 1961, 65,78-83-
Ernest L. Faunce, 1926-37               
Frank D. Walker, 1938-47                Fredrick Scerra, 1984-87

Personnel Director
Ronald Guest, 1981-1990
James W. McDonald,1891-1914     Robert Beaudreau, 1952-53
Raoul H. Beaudreau, 1915-19     William F. Brewin, 1954-57
Winfield Temple, 1929-23                James V. Giblin, J958-59,76-77
William H. Murphy, 1924-25/32   William J. Brennan,60-65,68-71
Edward T. Simoneau, 1926-28     Anthony DiBuono, 1966-67
W. Leroy Temple, 1929-31                David C. Gadbois, 1972-75
Fred L. Williams, 1933-37               Kuson Haddad, 1978-82
John J. Ginnetti,1938-40                Aldo Cipriano, 1983
George E. Dewey, 1941-45                David Toone, 1984,89
Richard S. Temple, 1946-51              James Golden 1990

Police Chief
Charles J. Whitman, 1891-92             William H. Finn, Jr. 1924-27
Chester W.Curtis, 1893-98                       Francis Bastien, 1931-1943
Fredrick A. Pope,1899-93,1905           Ralph H. Belmore, 1944-45
John F, Mitchell, 1904,                 Ira W. Joubert, 1946-48
1910-:11,18-21,18-29                            George F. Hutch, 1949-55
Clarence H, Brigham, 1906-1908          Clifford A. Scott, 1956-74
P. Frank Crotty, 1909, 1930                     Floyd P. Russell, Jr. 1975-88
William A. Berry, 1912-17,1922          Joseph Barry, 1989-
Amadee Gardner, 1923

Fire Chief

C. Waldo Brigham, 1891
John C. Rock, 1892-93
Gilford D. Marshall, 1894-96
John F. Byrne, 1897-98,1904
John T. Fay, 1899
J. Henry Gleason, 1900-03
Charles H. Andrews, 1905-10
Edward C. Minehan, 1911-21
Irving H. Fay, 1922-26
Harry A. Brown, 1927-29
Henry A. Daoust, 1930-48
John W. Brecken, 1949-68
William J. McCarthy, 1969
William Maroney, 1970-79
Robert McCarthy, 1980-88
Edward L. Bigelow, 1989-

City Engineer

RB. Fulton,1892-95
James F. Bigelow, 1896-1905, 1907-1921
Charles F, Knowlton, 1906
Thomas A. Coyne, 1922-23
Charles B. McNally, 1924-27
J. Francis Granger, 1928-37,59-61
John A. Bigelow, 1938-58
Anthony Canon, 1962-68
Paul Sharon, 1969-71
Paul Juanta, 1976-78
Ronald LaFreniere, 1979

Superintendent Water Works
George Stacy, 1890-1921         Harold Brigham, 1932-42
Julian P. Wood, 1922-31         Harry Loftus, 1943-60

Superintendent of Streets
William W. Woodward, 1891-94    T.H. O'Halloran, 1914-15
Fred B. Gleason, 1895                   George C. Brehm, 1917-18
James T. Murphy, 1896-99,07-08  James F. Bigelow, 1919
Charles A. French, 1900-05              Charles B. McNally, 1920-21
Charles K. Knowlton, 1906               Thomas A. Coyne, 1922-30
Louis N. Richer, 1909-13,1916   J. Francis Granger, 1931-60

Commissioner of Public Works
Harry Loftus, 1961-71                   Paul Sharon, 1972-
City Clerk

Peter B. Murphy,1891-1938
Francis J. Bertrand, 1940-53
Raymond Lavallee, 1954-58
Emma L. Dunn, 1959-61
Rita Lapine, 1962-80
Lillian Haddad, 1981-88
JoAnne Reynolds, 1989-

Building Inspector

Charles E. Barnes,1896
James F. Bigelow, 1897-1903
George J. Andrews, 1904
J. Herry Gleason,1905-10
FA McGill, 1911-13
Albert C. Perry, 1914-37
Alpherge Simard, 1938-55
Ovila Auclaire, 1956-57
Apostolas E. Caragian,1958
John F. Byrne, 1959-86
Stephen Reid, 1987-


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