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Marlgorough Massachusetts
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Rules, Regulations, and Prices, subject to change without notice.

Funerals must be in the cemetery no later than 11:00am unless prior approval has been granted.
Interments on weekdays ( Mon-Fri) are performed between 9:00 am-3:00 pm
Interments on Saturdays are performed between 9:00 am-12:00 pm
Interments or preparation for same which take place after 3:00 pm on weekdays and 12:00 pm on Saturdays will be subject to an additional charge of $90.00 per hour.
Interments on Mondays are subject to notification of the cemetery foreman prior to 12:00 pm the previous Friday. Interments on Mondays with notifications after 12:00 pm the previous Friday cannot be guaranteed and are at the discretion of the cemetery foreman.
Winter gravesite openings require a 2-day notice between November 15th-March 31st.

Graves & Lots
The price of graves to non-residents shall be double the price charged to Marlborough residents.
Ownership of gravesites may not be transferred or resold.

Planting & Decorations
The cemetery division reserves the right to remove without notice, any planting made in violation of the regulations.
Removal of sod and planting of shrubbery shall be done only by the cemetery foreman and cemetery employees with prior permission.
The placing of all monuments and markers shall be under the direction of the cemetery foreman.
Memorial Day decorations shall be kept within 12” of monuments and removed by the Wednesday prior to Father’s Day. Glass containers are prohibited except for Memorial Day and shall be removed by the Wednesday prior to Father’s Day.
No bark mulch or wood chips are allowed on lots.
No ground cover of any kind is allowed.
No Planting of Any Kind will be Allowed in Cemeteries.

General Information
Rules, Regulations, and Prices, subject to change without notice.
The Cemetery will not be responsible for any monuments, markers, or for any flowers, decorations, holders, or other items placed on graves. Funeral flowers will be discarded within one week after funeral.
No photographs of any kind are allowed to be placed on monuments.
Seasonal ornamentation may be placed no more than one week prior to and shall be removed within one week after any holiday.
All plant hangers must be removed by November 1st and erected no earlier than May 1st. Those remaining will be removed by the cemetery staff and will be discarded.
No entry into cemeteries grounds prior to 6:30 am or after dusk.

Not Allowed
No open flame candles, eternal lights, balloons, shells, toys, knick-knacks, crockery, glassware, plastic flowers, Christmas trees, decorations or permanent bushes with ornaments and similar ornaments or articles shall be placed upon any grave or lot, and if so placed, will be removed without notice.
No Dogs Allowed in Cemeteries (leashed or unleashed)
No Overnight Parking in Cemeteries (subject to towing @ owners expense & fine)
No Loud Noises

Perpetual Care
The cost of perpetual care is included in the total price of the lot. Perpetual care covers the maintenance of the surface of lots or graves, mowing the grass, raking and leaf blowing, but does not include care of any kind to monuments, markers or to bushes, shrubs or plants.


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